Is Content Curation Bad Thing?

What Is Content Curation ?


Content Curation

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I like to say using content curation is like a like being a library. It is a way to find the very best information on the web for any niche and put it together in a way that is useful for the end user. By providing this type of gathering of information for your reader, you are almost instantly seen as an authoritative source of information. This goes a long way in getting your readers to stay loyal.

…I know you may be thinking:

But Larry Duplicate content is bad right?

Duplicate content is bad. Content Curation isn’t duplicate content because your are giving attribution to the original source. I have used 2 different programs to do content curation with, I have never been penalized for it. I have been using it on several of my blogs for quite some time with good results.

What About Content Curation and Seo?

Funny you should ask :)

I found a great article in fact that does a great job in explaining the ins and outs of content curation.

Content Curation

The Content Curation Effects on SEO

With the recent Google Panda update, less popular content is now eliminated from search results. This has opened the door to content curation and allowing websites to be more successful by providing a range of high quality content. You might be an expert in your industry, but there are other experts that can also offer good information. The combination of informative content can provide a surge in page rank by categorizing this content into one single location. Read more here

 Okay So How Do I Do Content Curation ?

I am feeling a bit lazy today so I am not going to bother with putting up affiliate links or anything like that. If your interested in learning what programs I use leave me a comment at the bottom letting me know and I will email the info over to you :)

With that being said…

In the article I just shared with you above, there is a section where it talks about manual content curation. I agree that doing it manually is the best way to do it. I also use software programs, even though they pull relevant information. I have found that doing it manually you can find even better information.

So there is a trade off…

The programs saves you time, but the trade off is you loose quality a little bit. Here is an example of getting curated content from a program. It’s not bad and does save you time as it took me about 5 secs to find the info and curate it.

Overcoming Hurdles in Your Content Curation Process | BloggingPro

Content Curationwww.bloggingpro.com9/13/12

Many bloggers these days are turning to content curation as a tactic to add to their repertoire of blogging tools. As they do so they are finding that content curation can be hard work. Maybe not as hard as content creation, but it

Content Curation, Plagiarism and the Difference Between the Two

Content Curationwww.reviewzntips.com9/6/12

Content curation has been a topic of interest lately but there is a fine line that you should not cross! Discover the difference between curating and plagiarizing information!

So should you use content curation on your blog?

It’s clear that search engines like blogs to be updated like everyday. If your serious about your blogging you should be blogging 5 to 7 times a week. It really isn’t that hard. If your not blogging yet you should join my Empower Network Business and get your own bad ass blog system *cough *cough.

If blogging is not your thing, I’d just like to tell ya that it can easily cost you $600 to $1000 a month to advertise and see success. I am not one of those people who lie about this kinda of thing. It seriously will cost you that much just on advertising. (IF your serious), if it’s just a hobby for you then it’s not a big deal right?

If you happen to be one of those people who happen to be low on advertising funds you kinda of have no choice you should start blogging asap!

With that,

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Content Curation

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  1. says

    Ooooh! Now I get it. Well, it seems fair to be completely transparent. If you use someone’s knowledge, you should say that, using quotation or footnote, I don’t know, something like that. So if you “curating” online for more info to write an article, we should mention the source. Larry, if I didn’t understand it right, please correct me; don’t let me die stupid. 😀

  2. says

    Larry,i guess with what you have said about content curation i have to re-think about it and have a thorough research on it.I always though it can make things difficult if i use it.

  3. says

    I think it is the part for bloggers to make some date for post and share them to blasting platform.
    I am happy after showing your image that tells everything and need not to read all post.
    This is choice of a man that he/she would on content curation and gain some after reading some good post.

  4. says

    Hi Larry!
    in my view content curation is not a bad thing but duplicate content is really a bad thing.i agree with you.content curation is best for bloggers and readers.i like it.

    • Larry Rivera says

      Hi Anshul,

      I was concerned if content curation would be considered duplicate content. Search engines don’t actually crawl all of your post. If the first 100 words and the last 50 words of your blog post are original, search engines will see it as original.

      To not be accused of plagiarism you have to give credit where credit is due.

  5. says

    Hi Larry,

    Yes – I do agree. When you aim for unique content and not curated content then you most likely will achieve a lot more value in terms of Marketing and Organic SEO. Not to mention evading the possibility of a penalty down the line (if and when) the search engine algorithms get smarter in detecting spam (black and or grey – not white) tactics.

    • Larry Rivera says

      Hi Anton, that is a logical thought. However the reality is curated content get’s indexed just as easily as original content. If you curate content though and you don’t add your own words to the curated content then the likely hood of getting to rank isn’t as good.

      But my curated content get’s indexed just as fast as my original content.

  6. says

    One of the great things about curating content is the proficiency to publish that content instantly. A number of sites offer content curation and publishing services., for instance, allows users to grab content from anywhere on the internet and repackage that content into an online magazine forma

  7. says

    Curating content is the prominent of our website because it is most important part of our website. It gives the clear information about our products and services. Content is the king of our blog. Thanks for sharing valuable article!!

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