Email Marketing Strategies – Is Your Marketing Going Viral?

Email Marketing Strategies – Don’t Spam!

Are you getting slammed with email promotion after email promotion? I am guessing you probably are and many times you probably haven’t even asked for the email. It never ceases to amaze me just how many people are ignorant to the fact that nobody wants spam. I am sure you will agree with me when I say spamming is not one of the good email marketing strategies to use.

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Because I am sure most the people that reads this article will agree with me on that.  I would also like to add, that buying leads from a leads broker or using a email scraping program is a bad idea.  Using bulk email blasters is also a bad idea.  Because I realized that there had to better email marketing strategies to use other than spamming people on a regular basis about my incredible business opportunity.  I spent a lot of time subscribing to other marketers list to find out how they market. I literally joined hundreds of people email marketing list, sadly I honestly have to say 90% of the list I joined sucked.  So ya I got hundreds of emails a day of nothing but pure spam.

Email marketing Strategies – Provide Good Content

The saying content is king is true. Not just for search engines but also for your subscribers. It really isn’t a good idea to have a 30 day email series constantly promoting your product.  I tried that approach, I even used a email marketing series that lasted 180 days before. The results were not that good.

That led me to really start evaluating different email marketing strategies .  We all use different tools to market online, all those tools have affiliate programs attached to them. It is those products that you should use in follow up email series, if you have one.

Other than that , every email you send out should be via broadcasting. Out of all the email marketing strategies I learned broad casting earns me the most money. The more you actively communicate with the people on your email marketing list, the more money you are going to make.

This is where using tools like blogs become a valuable asset. It is through your blog that you are able to provide the people on your email marketing list, good content.

Email Marketing Strategies – Use Viral Ebooks

Using Viral Ebooks are one of those email marketing strategies that have been proven to work. Viral E-reports are great to giveaway to your list. Until recently it has been a bit techie to get them to go viral. Not any more my good friend James Grandstaff recently released a product called Viral PDF Generator.  Now even if you are newbie you can start giving away your own free viral reports.

The Side Door approach – This is probably one of my favorite email marketing strategies. Basically you get the person into your autoresponder system, then through giving away free reports you send them to more of your affiliate links.

It is a win/win situation, you are giving your subscriber some really good free content and you are also marketing to them without actually trying to sell to them. People love to buy , but they never like to be sold.

The Affiliate links on these pages are mine, I will be compensated if you purchase through them.

Email Marketing Strategies

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    I’m new with Viral and Guerilla marketing actually until now I don’t know what’s the difference between the two, but after reading your post related to Viral marketing I’ve learned some important ideas that I can apply in my campaign.

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