How to Use Email Marketing to Your Advantage

email marketing

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Email marketing is a widely used method of advertising a specific product or service. Millions of these emails are transmitted almost hourly to various potential customers all over the globe. While many of these emails wind up being caught by a spam filter, there are many methods you can utilize to ensure you get the best coverage and response.

1. eCommerce Enabled – Most eCommerce platforms have an email marketing add-on built into its system. Any customer who purchases an item from your website could be put into an email list that will allow you to send coupons, discount codes, information and more automatically and without intervention from yourself.

2. Newsletters – If you are using a content management system such as Joomla or WordPress, you can add a component to control a newsletter subscription method. Visitors could sign up for this newsletter and your CMS will create a master list of emails for you to contact through its system. If you don’t have the means to add a newsletter plug-in to your website, a simple .php form with contact information can do the same thing. It just takes more work on your behalf to create your email list.

3. Opt-in Email Lists – For excellent results, purchasing an email list composed of users who have opted in to specific content could be greatly beneficial. These users are already waiting for incoming email from his or her chosen niche and you could reach a wide range of people using these. Since they have opted in to receive emails from solicitors, there is a better chance of quality contact from someone interested in your content.

4. Legalities – Make sure you are following the most common criteria for mass email sending. Too many unsolicited emails produced by your IP address could get you blacklisted in organizations like the CBL, which will block your emails on a grand scale. Even if the emails are legitimate, blacklists can be severely detrimental to your business. Legitimate practices will help you steer clear of these blacklisting sites.

5. Purpose – Mass email marketing with a proven legitimate purpose can help keep filters from flagging your content. Giving individuals a way to opt-out of your content can go a long way to establishing trust. Be mindful of the content you are using in your email.

Email marketing is a cost effective way to keep your target audience interested in what you have to offer. Many companies will send mass emails on a daily basis to subscribers and for most of them, it doesn’t cost a dime. However, for those who pay for a certain amount of bandwidth per month, it could become a worthwhile expense.

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email marketing

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    Nice tips, It’s important to send only important and useful email to your subscribers. If you only send emails for promoting any affiliate products then there are good chances that most of your subscribers would leave your list. So don’t misuse this amazing marketing techniques, instead focus on providing value to your subscribers so that you can build your brand and can grow your business.

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      This is very true. Email marketing is a delicate affair. If you overdo it you can annoy your customers and they will leave. It’s extremely important to keep information useful and pertinent, worthy of an email, not just repetitive content that will drive people away.

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    IMHO, Email advertising is an inexpensive direct marketing tactic to convey messages to the target audience. In short, it’s an integral part of your marketing campaign.

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    You mentioned “purchasing an email list composed of users who have opted in to specific content could be greatly beneficial. ”

    Is it really targeted? I mean, I tried that before a long time ago, but doesn’t seemed to get any leads or sales whatsoever.

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