Creating Sustainable Income Online

If I had a dollar for every person that wanted to know how to create sustainable income online I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams….

Sustainable Income Online – How To Get The Wheels Turning

Lately I have been talking with folks who have been marketing online for 2 or less years. I would say I have had conversations with about 30 different people always on the same subject.

How to create sustainable income online

Without a shadow of doubt the best way to start making sustainable income online is first understanding that it isn’t about your business or businesses. I talk to folks who are like I just sell X,Y and Z. Or I hear people say “If someone ask me what I do I do X,Y and Z. The same sorta phrase is said by every new internet marketer I talk to.

Unfortunately if you are trying to create sustainable income online you aren’t going to do it if you keep thinking the company you are promoting is what you do. What we really do online is sell ourselves first, then our business opportunity.

I just recently talked to one gentlemen who works 50 hours a week is trying to promote 3 different businesses. He is trying to market each one independently from the other. The only problem is he doesn’t have the time or the money to get any of them rolling.

The first thing I want you to understand right now is simply this: It doesn’t matter how many businesses you market, when you are marketing on the internet you are marketing yourself. Nothing more , nothing less. Nobody buys products in internet network marketing, people buy people.

This is why some folks seem to naturally attract more sales than others, some understand that fact better than others.

The First Steps To Sustainable Income Online

There are 3 major components of making your dreams of internet riches a reality.

Blogging => you have heard it time and time again. You need to blog. No if’s and’s or but’s you just need to do it. Every single top marketer on the internet has a blog. Just look around and you will see for yourself.

Videos => It cost less than a night out to get a good webcam, you can easily upload videos to youtube with the software that will come with your webcam. Or you can even use your smartphone to do video recordings.

Lead Capture Pages => You use these in the front end of your marketing, any money you spend on advertising goes to this page.

Sustainable Income Online Through The Circle Of Marketing

I suppose the hardest thing to get someone to understand is that having a blog is critical to having success online. Not because of the traffic you can get (though it does help) rather because of the way it helps to brand you to your list that you must absolutely build.

There are products out there that are sold that say you can make money without a lead capture pages, without a blog, without knowing anything. I say that is total bullshit. I have read that you don’t have to build a list and email marketing is dead. I also say bullshit. If that was the case I wouldn’t be here blogging now and sending emails regularly to my list.

I will say that the people who sell those types of products are earning crazy amounts of money off of peoples ignorance. While I am on my soap box.  There are mysterious products out there that claim they have automated traffic software that by-passes google.

I have bought similar products 4 times now, every time I buy these types of products it’s always some shitty video talking about ppv traffic or some other lame traffic and then I get a phone call where someone is pitching to train me for a small fee of $2000 or something similar.

Empower network is comprised of marketing principles that have been proven to work. Not because it’s a scam or gimmick it’s because the strategies and techniques that are taught have been working since I have been marketing online. They are tried and true.

..You know what though,

Empower Network isn’t for everyone. Some folks will insist that it doesn’t work, some people will still call it a scam. That’s cool with me, because the people that “get it” will actually be light years ahead of the people that don’t.

I struggled for over a decade to make nickles and dimes, listening to people cry and complain about every little thing under the sun. Most people never figure out how to create sustainable income online because they are unwilling to break free of their own stubbornness.

It’s interesting the art of making money online. If you think about it’s a rather new concept. Back in 2003 it was really really hard because everyone was a skeptic back then. But network marketing has been around much longer. So the internet made network marketing much easier.

…Today, people are fed up with small commissions, their fed up being fed information that is useless.

People want quality and rightly so. Empower Network gives a person the right knowledge, the right products, the right marketing funnel so that they can create sustainable income online.

That really is the bottom line. You can keep looking for that needle in a haystack, you can try and re-invent the wheel or you could simply just do what is working for others.

I choose to do the latter, because I spent enough time trying to re-invent the wheel.

One last thought before I wrap this up:

You hear people say things like, empower network brands david wood or david sharpe. Empower network does this or it does that.

My name is Larry Rivera, I don’t care that I brand david wood or david sharpe or empower network. What I care about is that my children have clothes on their back, my bills are paid and my family is healthy.

Finally one last note about sustainable income online. You know you have a good program and will see sustainable growth when you start to see the people you bring into a business start earning money for themselves..

Sustainable Income Online

 Earning Disclosure

What excites me about that more than actually getting the passup is the fact someone other than me is making sales. That is what really excites me about empower network. I see more people making money online for the first time than I have in any other program I have marketed on the internet that says something about the quality of what is being offered.

Sometimes in life you just have to take a risk and see for yourself. If your ready to step out of your comfort zone learn some new skills and start earning some bad ass commissions. Click the link, watch the video get excited and take action. I will be waiting for you on the other side…




Sustainable Income Online

Both Larry Rivera and Jamie Pelaez work from home full-time as online entrepreneurs. While we still do some affiliate marketing in the form of product and service related recommendations, our primary focus is our membership site sharing our love of Kung Fu around the world. You can trust we will only recommend resources we personally use to enhance our life and online business. While we make money online, however we cannot guarantee you will. Only because we do not know how dedicated you will choose to be. ;)


  1. says

    Larry, I admire your straight forward, no-nonsense attitude. It’s refreshing in today’s gotta have it now mentality. Yes, you must blog. Yes, you must get out of your comfort zone. I am glad to read here that videos are your 2nd recommended tactic. I have just re-started using videos. I tried to do them 4 years ago, but the technology was difficult. Now with a webcam it’s so easy.

    • Larry Rivera says

      Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks I try and be as straight up as I can with people.

      .. A lot of folks are intimidated by video marketing, and I agree a few years ago it was a bit more difficult.

      Today it is much easier.. And with smartphones, you can do a video on the fly no problem.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting

    • Larry Rivera says

      Lols, Rich… On a subconscious I feel ya..

      If I go back and look at all the purchases I made. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on internet marketing products.

      ..I’ve actually read, watched and applied and or tried most things.

      Fact of the matter is most stuff is fluff and really doesn’t work the way the ad copy would suggest…

      Thanks for sharing your insights!

  2. says

    It gets tiring listening to hype and BS all the time. The “Infomercial” type of people out there claiming that what they have is the best since sliced bread and if you go with them you will be living in a mansion, sipping martini’s putting your kids in the best private schools in the world by such and such a date. I want to thank you for being honest, open and not hyping it all up! I have worked online for 12 years, sorry but it does take work, sometimes a lot of work and time to build your business, but when I could go to all of my kids school functions, take family vacations whenever I wanted and not have to “schedule” time with my family, it has all been worth it. Thanks again for being REAL!

  3. says

    You’re right. I don’t get it too when somebody said that EN is a scam etc.

    Even if they have a blog that is making them money, they should at least double, or maybe triple their income through EN while still retaining their blogs. I guess they’re just allergic to money or something. lol

  4. says

    I admire your straight forward, no-nonsense attitude. It’s refreshing in today’s gotta have it now mentality. Yes, you must blog. Yes, you must get out of your comfort zone. I am glad to read here that videos are your 2nd recommended tactic. I have just re-started using videos. I tried to do them 4 years ago, but the technology was difficult.

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