Why Sometimes SEO Get’s In The Way Of Your True Self

What’s More Important Interesting Content Or Good SEO?


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You can’t always do both. Sometimes to make sure you are writing for seo means taking away from the meat of your content. If you write a lot of content then you can sprinkle some blog post in just for the sake of seo, whilst you write other articles that are in your real voice.

I know seo is an important aspect of blogging, many new bloggers though focus on seo so much that they neglect to write stuff that will hold a persons attention longer.

I recommend not worrying so much about seo so much. Your first 100 blog post develop your unique writing style. Do practice good blogging practices.

Good SEO  Bad SEO – Doesn’t really matter if YOU are making money

Don’t be one of those people who get’s stuck sitting in front of your monitor “trying” to figure out what your keywords are. Instead hook up Google Analytics to your blog and see what words your traffic is coming from. Once you have a general idea then start doing keyword research to figure out where you can get more of the same type of traffic.

Good blogging will bring you targeted traffic, that is to say traffic that actually wants to hear what you have to say.


Depending on how you want to make money online. It might be in your best interest to use Empower Networks blogging platform to get the word about it. When using an empower network blog, you will automatically be using a blogging platform with high authority and page rank. What this means is that whatever you blog about will more than likely get indexed with search engines within 2 hours. The only way it wouldn’t is if you are going after a super competitive keyword or phrase.

If SEO isn’t as important as many people say it is, why do it?

The rules for seo haven’t changed that much in 6 years. What was important back way when is still important now. Good content trumps seo any day of the week.  As far as all the google rules, just write from your heart and don’t pay them any mind. In my opinion it’s more important to focus on being consistent in your content production than it is your seo quality.

My rule of thumb  is don’t use plr articles. Don’t look at shortcuts when it comes to writing content. I recommend 1 of 2 options.

  1. Write your own content
  2. Pay someone to write quality original content for you

The other shortcuts like using plr articles, respinning articles etc is low quality. Stick to original content. While I am not saying totally avoid practicing seo strategies all together, I am saying focus more on writing engaging content than worrying if you appease the seo gods..

Even if your not blogging on a bad ass blogging network like empower network. You can still get lots of traffic without using seo:

  1. Write good comments on other peoples blog
  2. Add social share buttons on your blog
  3. Share your blog on social networks

Seriously with just those three methods of promotion you can get a lot of traffic, if your not then realize it’s your content that isn’t good.





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