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PPC Advertising: The "taboo"


Everywhere you look these days, anyone and everyone in Internet Marketing is flocking to “free”, “free” and only “free” traffic generation strategies.

Article Marketing, Blog Commenting, Forum Participation, Trackbacks, you name it; Somehow almost everyone is under the mistaken impression that “free” is the way to go.

So let me tell you something:

“Free” is “a” way to go, but not at all the best way to go in Internet Marketing.

If you’re new to the game, it makes sense to avoid PPC Advertising as much as possible (perhaps altogether) as it takes a certain level of learning and adaptive skill to execute a successful PPC Campaign.

But who said the skill is not learnable?

ALL Internet Marketing Skills are learnable, even PPC Advertising.


And just so you know:

PPC Advertising is perhaps one of the best ways of driving targeted “buyer” traffic to your websites.

It is by far one of the most proven traffic generation and conversion methods in the Internet Marketing industry.

Take a look at these stats from one of my PPC campaigns:

ppc advertising internet marketing
A Well Executed PPC Campaign Is Dirt Cheap!

It was Internet Marketing..

..only one of the most competitive niche markets to be using PPC campaigns in, on the planet!

Now if you compare these statistics to the countless months and years of manual labour that you’ve invested in free traffic generation, you will probably agree with me that spending some of your precious time and spending say even $50 instead of the $2,219.78 you see in this image, would have allowed you to drive over 1,500 Super-Targeted Clicks to your website, resulting in sales, opt-ins or whatever other conversion metric that you’ve got set up on your sites.

People entering the Internet Marketing industry naturally dissociate themselves from paid traffic generation techniques these days, because hundreds of other people have made PPC Advertising a “taboo” of sorts, like it’s some sort of unapproachable beast that everyone needs to steer clear of in order to stay alive in the industry.

Trust me, that is not the case.

In any business venture, if you are seriously considering expanding the venture to beyond the realms of your room at home where you are generating free traffic and sending countless freebies to your email list because none of them are buyers, YOU NEED TO INVEST SOMETHING, even if it is a small amount, in a calculated, carefully crafted business campaign that gives you an edge over others in the Internet Marketing industry.

In any business, you need to invest in yourself and the business, and if you can’t invest in your business at some stage, then its best to pull out of the Internet Marketing industry altogether, because like it or not, free traffic generation strategies may be a good support mechanism in the short run, but in the long run you will definitely need to invest in some paid traffic if you want to scale your business.

It’s not at all hard either.. Seriously! :)

Granted that PPC can swallow you and your bank account whole in one single mouthful if you are not careful, I completely understand that as I am a regular PPC Marketer.

BUT, having said that, the stats above will have shown you that knowing how to work the PPC system in your Internet Marketing efforts can be very rewarding. If you can learn how to do it right, you can dominate the PPC market, without a doubt.

Most “successful” businesses are using PPC Advertising in some shape or form today. They have taken the initiative, and made the effort to either learn how to conduct a successful PPC campaign themselves, or hire someone to do it for them.

Bottomline, PPC has potential that almost no other traffic generation method has today, and I can personally vouch for that as I use a good mix of PPC and free strategies every single day.

Get in on the PPC action. It is vital to the progression of your business in future.

If you need help, I will personally help you, but please try and bring PPC Advertising into your business, you would be doing yourself and your business a huge service :)

For anyone interested in Free Specialist Training in PPC Advertising:

Please visit the following Facebook Question that I put up recently and leave your answer:


I will get in touch with you personally over Facebook and send you a registration link to a free webinar series I am due to host in the near future on Smart (Cheap – spending no more than maybe $10 a week on Google Adwords) PPC Advertising.

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  1. says

    It’s too true that many people don’t want to spend on their online business. I think some of it goes along with the idea that you shouldn’t pay for a job. I’ve seen a lot of people blend that into their home business efforts, and it just doesn’t work that well. Carefully considered business expenditures are very much worthwhile, whether it’s pay per click advertising or a tool to help you grow your business.

  2. Vlad says

    Of course “free” is not the best way to go into the internet marketing, but not the worst one, many people make money like that.

  3. says

    I think email marketing and internet marketing strategies is most useful and free for available, its really effective and important to promote our business,I love your concepts thanks ..

  4. says

    PPC like anything else is a hit or miss propostion. One thing is undeniable the quality of the traffic you get through adwords and other similar programs is high assuming you have chosen correct single meaning keywords. The main problem is depending on the keywords used and the amount of searches this can be too costly for someone operating independently. It makes sense to build adsense sites so that you can offset the cost of your adwords advertising. This is an example of using free traffic to drive paid traffic and seems like a good exchange to me.

  5. says

    Very nice post Ali 😀

    Although I haven’t tested the water yet but I know PPC is a solid and proven way to drive traffic back to our sites. As you mentioned, I stayed away from it when I first started. But who knows, I would take it into consideration soon as my experience grows up.

    Thanks for sharing!


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