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Soak Up All The Internet Network Marketing Knowledge You Can Get

I really started to get involved with internet network marketing back in 2006. It was the first time I ever got involved with a network marketing deal online or offline. Originally my plan was just to make money as an affiliate online marketer, that quickly changed when I realized like maybe your are realizing that getting paid once for a sale sucks compared to earning a residual income.

internet network marketingJust recently I had the opportunity to get mentored and trained by 2 of the most profound internet network marketing folks online , David Wood & David Sharpe.

You probably have been wondering with all the buzz that is floating around the internet if Empower Network is everything it’s cracked up to be.

Everyone says they have the “secret” and if you join them they are going to tell you the “secret”.

..How about we just by-pass the bullshit and I tell you the “secret” right now?

First and foremost there are thousands of people failing online who are using systems that claim that if you join their deal and use their system you will be successful.

..I call bullshit! Why?

Because there is not a system on the planet that will help you make money if you don’t actually have the right knowledge and skills to earn a persons trust. Systems do not earn a persons trust and folks that are seeking systems are making a terrible mistake because they are looking for something that doesn’t exist and that is a sure thing.

Anytime someone decides they want to get involved with a business online, they need to first assume there is going to be risk involved, then they need to realize that there will also be a learning curve. There is no such thing as a hands free system.  I should clarify this for a moment. I personally know people who are making money via systems because they are paying for traffic. They spend anywhere between $5000 and $70,000 a month to get said traffic.

That my friends is cold hard truth. That is the “secret” that many guru’s aren’t telling anyone, because if they did it would scare the bejebus out of people.  I have been making money consistently every single month I have been in empower network, without using a system. More about this in a moment….

Internet Network Marketing – I Get Punched Right In The Face

As I said early I started my internet network marketing journey back in 2006.  I asked my sponsor what I could do to get traffic and she told me to join their team advertising co-op. All that I had to do was pay some money give them my link and follow up with my sign ups. She said it worked like magic.  Sounded pretty easy. I figured if it worked it would be easy to duplicate right?

So I spent $2000 and to my delight I ended up with 30 new sign ups which after I put them in my downline with the binary compensation plan was $200 a month residual. I figured though that after I called them and talked to them about how I got them in my business they would do the same thing and I would quickly make back my investment as well as start seeing a profit.  Wait till you hear what actually happened, I will get to that in a minute…

Because I have been making money in Empower Network since 2011 without using a system and because I have done it without a huge marketing budget you should really pay attention now  to what I am telling you. I wonder if you already started to notice that what I am saying is actually making sense. That’s because while my goal is to ultimately make money online, my motivation isn’t money. I do this because I struggled and spent a fortune online being shown how to earn fool’s gold.

Tapping Into A Endless Well Of Internet Network Marketing Knowledge

I did what my sponsor told me to do. I called each and every last person I signed up in my internet network marketing deal. I called Australia, Japan, New Zealand I even called South Africa. If you have never called all over the world there is 2 things I’d like to say to you..

First – Never do it, it cost a fortune

Second – It’s not the right way to build an online business anyways

Out of the 30 people I called not one of them would join our team advertising co-op after a year every last one of the quit. That didn’t stop me at first I went ahead and spent several more thousands of dollars still looking for the “secret”, unfortunately I had to call it quits because I ran out of money.

Feeling discouraged I still tasted what was possible, because I did indeed make sales. I just didn’t know how to do it without spending a fortune and I didn’t know how to convince anyone else to join my business with me.

Because I spent myself broke it was either figure out how to make all this work OR go get a job. Friends let me tell you that I have no desire to go a job. Failing really wasn’t an option for me.  I’ve been self – employed for over 10 years, I am not even sure I know how to work for someone else :) . I don’t know what you want, I am not even sure why you are here and in truth it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you are here. Maybe you are looking to make a little extra money to help support your family or your trying to fire your boss. Whatever it is you are trying to do with your life we can help you.

Watch this video that explains everything in clear cut and dry detail



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Both Larry Rivera and Jamie Pelaez work from home full-time as online entrepreneurs. While we still do some affiliate marketing in the form of product and service related recommendations, our primary focus is our membership site sharing our love of Kung Fu around the world. You can trust we will only recommend resources we personally use to enhance our life and online business. While we make money online, however we cannot guarantee you will. Only because we do not know how dedicated you will choose to be. ;)


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    One should have right skills in his / her hand before joining Internet Marketing. It takes a bit time, but once you got all cards in your hands, then it is your game. You can easily turn it in your favor without wasting a second. I really enjoyed your experience, and tips. Good, Keep writing! (Y)

    • Sandy Wicaksono says

      i agree with hamzah, before you join internet marketing you must have high skill, if you didn’t have it You will lose a lot of money

    • Larry Rivera says

      Hi Hamza,

      The most important thing is to stay focused and consistent in your action taking.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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    Hey Larry
    I really like the way of explaining this post. Thanks for sharing this for post. I learn many things from this post. I totally concentrate my mind while reading about ” Internet Network Marketing – I Get Punched Right In The Face “.
    Chetan Gupta

    • Larry Rivera says

      Hi Chetan, Thanks for visiting my blog,

      I am glad I can in someway help you find your way online. I look forward to hearing more from you :)

      • says

        Your welcome Larry
        i really enjoyed your post. And now i am finding some more posts from your blog which i need to read.
        Take care and keep enjoying
        Chetan Gupta

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