Fighting Back Against The Internet Network Marketing Giants

How To Stake A Claim In The Internet Network Marketing World

internet network marketing

…Have you ever heard the expression if you can’t beat them join them?

That’s what has been happening in empower network, pretty much every single internet network marketing giant has joined us…

What does this mean to you?

This means that there is an opportunity for you to stake your claim in the new internet network marketing world. I do mean new, before empower network people where earning small weenie commissions. People were running around selling crappy private label right products to just earn these little commissions. They were involved with network marketing businesses with binary compensation plans that where to difficult to get into profits.

People where trying to get 5 that gets 5 that gets 5 => I am sure most of you reading this already knows that this crap doesn’t work the way it’s advertised.

Internet Network Marketing – Pushing What Is Possible To It’s Limits

All of us who enter this industry want the dream. What dream you may be asking? That is the dream of residual income. The dream that you can earn money, while having a life at the same time.

Network marketing companies don’t really care about your dream. All they really care about is you go out there and get your three sales. Empower network was created because that is a bullshit dream.

In concept internet network marketing is a great dream, but for many the dream is just that…. A Dream!

These big marketers who are making crazy amounts of money put their pants on 1 leg at a time just like you do. They have health problems just like you do. They have things in their lives that they also have to struggle through.

The Winning Formula For Internet Network Marketing

  • – People need to be educated on how to market online
  • – People need to make money while they are learning how to make money
  • – People need a professional marketing funnel that closes sales for them
  • – People need an effective funded proposal

Empower network accomplishes those task and a whole lot more. The only thing stopping a person from making money with the company is lack of effort. I am not talking about “trying” for a few days and only giving it a little effort. I am talking about massive effort you would put into anything worthwhile having.

We all know nothing is push and click easy, but empower network is the closest thing I have found to be easy online.  My friend times a wasting you should act quickly because where not getting any smaller, in fact everyday more and more people are joining and will continue to join.

There are some of you sitting there thinking ” man there probably isn’t anyone left to join” the truth of the matter is there are still hundreds of thousands of people who will be joining us. It’s like a gold rush, stake a claim and start mining for gold. There is plenty to go around.

internet network marketing



Both Larry Rivera and Jamie Pelaez work from home full-time as online entrepreneurs. While we still do some affiliate marketing in the form of product and service related recommendations, our primary focus is our membership site sharing our love of Kung Fu around the world. You can trust we will only recommend resources we personally use to enhance our life and online business. While we make money online, however we cannot guarantee you will. Only because we do not know how dedicated you will choose to be. ;)


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    We’ve all seen it before – “Make $749 an hour” or “Earn $1,000 in 1 day.” Oddly enough, many innocent victims still fall prey to these kinds of scams. I thought Empower Network was just one of them… not at all. And you are living proof Arry! More power to you and your business.

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