Internet Network Marketing – The Art Of Meaningful Connections

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internet network marketing

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So The other day I was minding my own business and a guy skyped me. From the very beginning of the conversation I felt a pitch coming on. But I humored the gentleman.  I don’t make a habit of “trying” to find people to join my internet network marketing business.

This guy however apparently did…

I am not sure why people think internet network marketing is about pitching products and feel the need to solicit people randomly. It’s really kinda of pointless. Anyhow on with the story…

The guy was blunt his first sentence was: Hi how are you doing, I replied with awesome, what can I do for you today? His second sentence he didn’t beat around the bush he said, what do you do to make money?

It was at this point I was just like really, who is this guy, how did he find me on skype and why does he care what I do to make money? So I asked him, he then proceeded to tell me he has been networking for 33 years, brought thousands of people into network marketing and made millions of dollars over the years. ( I don’t think he realized I was into internet network marketing and not network marketing really they are two different things..)

First – I frigging hate people like that.

Second – I call bullshit, anyone making a million dollars isn’t gonna waste time skyping strangers to get in their business opportunity

Third – 33 must be a good number because I have heard more network marketers say they been in the industry for 33 years…

=> Bottom line that type of bullshit is the reason why people absolutely hate network marketing. Old School network marketing folks many of them have no flipping idea what the internet is, how to use it or how to turn a profit with it.

The guy actually had the balls to say to me, he does what he does because he likes residual income, then he asked me if i knew what that was? Clearly the fool didn’t even bother to research me even a little bit. I am still curious how he got on my Skype.

Internet Network Marketing – How To Make It Work For You

(I actually made this video about internet network marketing yesterday, but didn’t get a chance to get it up till today :) )

I have some advice to share with you today that will absolutely make a difference in your ability to earn money online in the internet network marketing industry. It has nothing to do with peddling your products, banging down doors, begging people. It does have to do with something everyone should have learned in elementary school on the playground.

That is you have to learn how to play well with others. Ever go to concert or some sort of big event there is always that one person who is just an asshole they are loud, rude disrespectful don’t listen to the authorities.

We have lots of folks like that in the internet network marketing world. It’s those same folks who spread lies about their incomes and love to beat people up if they fail. They are the first to cry scam.

I would love all folks who are like that to come into my martial arts studio. I would really enjoy giving them a lesson in manners and respect.

Nobody can be a one man show online. In order to be successful requires other people to trust you, like you and want to do business with you. This won’t happen when you approach people like they are a piece of meat just waiting to be torn into.

Unlocking The Internet Network Marketing Code

There aren’t any real secrets, there are only people who are sincere and people who aren’t sincere. In truth a persons success in the internet network marketing industry hinges on their ability to play well with others. This means sharing & caring about the person you want to get in your business. It also means respecting the person you get into business with.

A few months back I had a guy who joined with me the very first thing out of his mouth was “What are you going to do for me?“. Clearly the first thought I had was absolutely nothing.

This is the way I get people to help me: First I join their business even if I don’t care for the business. If I want to learn from someone, I at least have the common sense to join their business. Does that make sense to you?

If you don’t own a product yourself that you are selling you are an affiliate marketer. I am an affiliate marketer, well I am an internet network marketing guy :) I don’t make any money at all unless I refer people to stuff.  I don’t ask people to help me until I pay a fee…

I guess I am that way because when I teach martial arts I expect to be paid if I am going to teach. So naturally if I want help from someone I expect to pay. When it comes to online marketing most people can’t afford a real education.

Much like the real world, my martial art students pay me $50 an hour per lesson. Some of my students take 3 lessons a week. That amounts to $150 profit a week from 1 person. (Now you might be saying geeze that’s a lot of money, however that is what I paid for 14 years straight. Every week without fail -> Even if I didn’t show up for my lesson.  There wasn’t a contract saying I had to pay.. I paid because I appreciated my sifu’s time and I understood he also has a family to support.)

To be perfectly honest to have a * real internet network marketing teacher is really valued at about $100 an hour. Now who actually has the money to pay for that? Not many people right? This is why it’s a good idea to get involved with online businesses with people who are good internet marketers.

Let’s look at Empower Network For Example :)

You knew I couldn’t resist going there. It only cost $25 to have a EN blogging platform. Besides having a kick ass blog you also gain access to me personally. That means you can tap into over a decade of internet network marketing knowledge, you can learn from all my mistakes, my failures & all my successes. You can by – pass having to buy product after product and even after buying the product sitting there wondering what you need to do next. Besides all that Empower Network is a generic internet network marketing business. This means you can use it to help you sell other online businesses.

…It’s not like you have to pay that fee every week, or even every other week, that’s $25 a month = kick ass blog = skilled internet marketer/mentor/teacher/trainer/guru whatever you wanna call it.

Yet you will still find people who moan and groan and cry the blues how hard life is, how nobody likes them, how it’s to hard.  You really have to do some research though and find a person who is right for you.

Did you know that most BIG NAME internet network marketing folks will never ever talk to you? Why would they? They make way to much money. I suppose one day I too will stop talking to people and helping people. Not because I am mean, not because I don’t care, simply put there is only 1 of me and there is only so much 1 person can do.

That is another reason why I always paid my sifu even if I didn’t take lessons, I wasn’t just buying my lesson I was paying for my time slot. If I couldn’t show up for my lesson that was still my time slot. I wanted him to know that I respect and value his time and his skill.

I paid for my time, because he always had people beating down his doors wanting to get into his classes. I realized that the only way for me to hold on to it was to pay my dues. I do very well online. But I still have time in my life to help new people.

Eventually that won’t be true, simply look at my other blog post and you will realize that I actually do make money online in my internet network marketing business. At some point I really won’t have to push my business. Instead I can just sit back and help the people that have been helping me and dedicate my time to helping them.

At some point you have to pass the torch, I have some people in my business starting to do very well, they don’t need me anymore. There is no better feeling than to know that you student doesn’t need you anymore.

Then there are students like myself. I don’t “need” my sifu anymore, but I love him so I continue to train and I continue to pay the man, probably till the day I die. Because his time is valuable and precious just as mine is.

So I guess in all of this rambling what I am trying to say is, get in my business already :)

Let’s kick some butt, now is the best time. Now is always the best time. If your reading this at work, NOW is the best time, if you are at home reading this NOW is still the best time.


Because honestly if you keep waiting for the right time, that time will never come, it never does…

You simply have to say, “yes I am doing this and that is that” Internet Network Marketing really isn’t that hard when you are working with the right people.

internet network marketing






internet network marketing

Both Larry Rivera and Jamie Pelaez work from home full-time as online entrepreneurs. While we still do some affiliate marketing in the form of product and service related recommendations, our primary focus is our membership site sharing our love of Kung Fu around the world. You can trust we will only recommend resources we personally use to enhance our life and online business. While we make money online, however we cannot guarantee you will. Only because we do not know how dedicated you will choose to be. ;)


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