Internet Network Marketing – What Is Driving You?

The Internet Network Marketing world is not for the weak of heart.  There really are riches waiting for you if you get to the top of the mountain, but the climb is steep.   It takes more than just “doing your best” to create a success in this industry.  You need ask yourself this one question.

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Why Are You Doing This?

If you reason for doing this is because you are up to your ears in debt and are looking for a way out of your mess there is a good chance your are going to fail.

If your reason for doing this is because you think you are going to find just the right opportunity that is going to make you $15,000 a month or more within the first 6 months there is a good chance you are going to fail.

There really should only be one reason why you are getting involved in this industry or any industry for that matter.

That one reason is LOVE!

Ya I said that,

If you don’t absolutely love what you are doing , you won’t do it.  Most folks don’t LOVE to go to work they do it because they have to do it.  Many times if you talk to a successful business owner you will hear them say they LOVE what they are doing.

It is only when you really love what it is that you are doing, will you be willing to do it even though you weren’t getting paid to do it.  That my friends is the secret to finding success in the online marketing world.  You need to absolutely be driven to continue to go forward even though it may appear that it’s not working for you. That just means you simply haven’t found your groove yet.


Do not jump around from business opportunity to business opportunity. They all are great and they all suck! The reason why is simple.  It’s not your business you are simply an affiliate to the business. Regardless of how much you are making in that business its still not yours.

Wanna Find true success online?

First – Look around you, who are the people that seem to be making money online? Why are they making money online?

The answer is this: The people making the money are the people who realized that its not the business they represent that is making them money, rather its the actions they take that makes them money.

The #1 reason why I created the Perfect Funded Proposal Training site is because I have talked to a lot of people on the internet.  I listened to peoples concerns and heard about their horror stories.

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Internet Network Marketing – It’s not about your business its about YOU!

internet network marketing

Both Larry Rivera and Jamie Pelaez work from home full-time as online entrepreneurs. While we still do some affiliate marketing in the form of product and service related recommendations, our primary focus is our membership site sharing our love of Kung Fu around the world. You can trust we will only recommend resources we personally use to enhance our life and online business. While we make money online, however we cannot guarantee you will. Only because we do not know how dedicated you will choose to be. ;)


  1. says

    I agree that the love of any given venture is important and will help you to persevere even when things are really slow but as far as Internet Network Marketing is concerned it may not be enough. You will also need a product that appeals to the masses and even then you won’t have it made unless you are able to utilize all the proper SEO methods to get lots and lots of people to your site.

    Only then, if you have all the underlying factors going for you will the money start rolling in.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Auto-Submitting Your Posts To The Web’s Top Social Networking Sites =-.

  2. admin says

    Hi Sire, Thanks for stopping by man!

    Yup I totally agree with you, unless people are able to use proper SEO methods the cost of lead acquisition could be enormous.

  3. says

    While loving what you do is MUST if you want to be successful, you shouldn’t put down those that are in it for the money.

    In Network Marketing your “WHY” is an important factor. The need for money to survive is paramount, it drags you out of your warm bed and sends you to a J.O.B. that you may hate, but you have to eat and need a place to sleep.

    Along with loving your work, you must also care about your prospects needs, when they see that you care they are more likely to join you in business, either now or later when the timeing is better for them.

    Great Post,
    .-= Michael Cole´s last blog ..How to Set Up Your On-Line Network Marketing Business, Fast =-.

  4. admin says

    Hi Mike, I agree with you 100% your why needs to be huge.

    And you do need to really care about the people you are working with.
    Thanks for stopping by


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