The Feng Shui Of Internet Network Marketing

Meditating On Internet Network Marketing

I’ve been floating around online now for over a decade and it never ceases to amaze me just how stubborn some folks can be. They make this whole process of making money online very difficult when in fact it’s very easy. They over complicate the simple. Internet network marketing is nothing more than balancing 2 skills that once taught are easy to apply. However even with that said that there are thousands of people who make the easy difficult.

…I am not talking about YOU,

I am sure your an awesome person and your the reason why I blog.  Today’s blog post I am going to talk about what Internet Network Marketing is really all about. Because I know that there are some people that get confused with all of of this.

Internet network marketing isn’t actually about selling physical products or digital products for that matter…

It’s about learning how to sell any products online period. It’s a mixture of network marketing and internet marketing.. Ultimately though it’s all affiliate marketing. What I mean to say by this is, at the end of the day it’s all about sharing your affiliate link with as many people as you possibly can.

Internet Network Marketing – What Part Does Network Marketing Play?

There are many different skills you have to learn to make money online. If your doing anything that involves residual income, there is a good chance that it involves some type of down line building or pass up sale system.

What matters is you understand what network marketing skills are important to learn and master…

List Of Skills To Learn

  • Relationship building
  • Team Building
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Salesmanship skills
  • story telling skills
  • personal development
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Social Network – Developing Influence

This is the essence of network marketing.

Internet Network Marketing – Getting Traffic, Signups Basically Pulling Money Out Of Air

Internet marketing is a creature all to itself. It can involve selling your own products, though this is unlikely as most people start out as affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing is simply you going out and promoting other people or companies products.. Pretty easy, you don’t need your own products or websites.. You just have to get traffic to your link.

List Of Skills To Earn

  • Blogging
  • Seo
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Autoresponderes
  • Paid advertising methods
  • Free advertising methods

Essentially internet marketing is the how to get traffic part of your internet network marketing business.

The Fusion Of Internet Network Marketing And How It Applies To You

You start off innocently enough, your just looking for a way to make some extra money. Traditionally your taught to find a product or products you love and go promote them. The problem is no one is telling you “how” to sell stuff online. There was a time…

…I use to be that way myself!

Then I realized something, what I really wanted to do was spend more time with my family. What I really wanted was a simple way to make money on the internet that didn’t consume all my time. I didn’t want to sell products that would sit on my shelves and collect dust.

I realized that what really sells online is info products.

…Why Info Product sites?

Because regardless of what people want to sell online, they need to know how to sell it. I started realizing that internet network marketing is a “way” to sell stuff online and most people don’t understand the “how” to do it.

So for me I found my niche,

That is to say -> I started selling what everyone wanted. A easy way to make money online while having a life at the same time. There was a time when I grinded and grinded away at my business.

Commenting for hours on peoples blogs, spending way to much time in Facebook, buying advertising that produced little to no results. Ultimately I realized the problem was me. I just didn’t know how to fix the problem. Partly because I didn’t realize that I was listening to the wrong people.

The Most Important Lesson Learned: Just because I thought stuff was to expensive doesn’t mean the rest of the world does <= Remember those words

..Something almost electric happens when you plug into the right people

What I mean is you actually start making money. Looking back on my journey online if I had access to the information I have today. I would have been making hundreds of thousands of dollars right now.

But I am on the right path now and am making thousands :)

…It’s a good start!

What’s Your Opinion On Internet Network Marketing?

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Internet Network Marketing

– Larry Rivera




Internet Network Marketing

Both Larry Rivera and Jamie Pelaez work from home full-time as online entrepreneurs. While we still do some affiliate marketing in the form of product and service related recommendations, our primary focus is our membership site sharing our love of Kung Fu around the world. You can trust we will only recommend resources we personally use to enhance our life and online business. While we make money online, however we cannot guarantee you will. Only because we do not know how dedicated you will choose to be. ;)


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    I have been one of those people who have bought everything trying to figure out internet marketing. I was listening to all the wrong people. Now, my life is changing because I am listening to the right people and applying what I have learned.

    • Larry Rivera says

      Hi Jaden, we have all been there before. I am glad you are taking some action and applying some stuff that works :)

      Thanks for commenting…

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