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Reaching Internet Network Marketing Nirvana

Internet Network Marketing

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One definition of Nirvana is: A transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of…

When you first get started internet network marketing, generally speaking you are pretty excited about the whole thing. If you step back and think about it, earning money while you are away sounds like a good idea.

I would like to break down the growing internet network marketing phenomenon.

The Idea: You want to make money. Better yet you *need to make money. Usually when someone decides they are going to try and earn money online it comes from a place where they are looking for a solution to supplement their income.

This is the epic start of searching for a product that will create the automatic ATM machine that will spit money back to you at will. It’s not a bad idea really, that is what attracted me to internet network marketing.

The Product: Beginners and folks that aren’t to familiar with online marketing have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that what we sell in this niche is information. This means there are no physical products (you can turn info products into physical products) mostly though they are just digital products, or video/audio products.

These products teach you how to market on the internet.

The Marketing: While there are many different ways to get traffic, ultimately to get someone into your internet network marketing business will rely on your ability to convince someone to join a business opportunity with you. This is where it starts to get tricky and it’s at this point that many people give up because it all seems so confusing.

Getting Through The Internet Network Marketing Maze

Here is where I am troubled by what I see. In today’s market place everyone is selling something and they are saying that what they are selling is the best. There are leaders from all internet network marketing businesses that are not being totally honest with you on the way they get leads.

They use systems and sub systems that from first glance doesn’t look like it has anything at all to do with their business. But make no mistake ultimately the goal is to get people to buy stuff, so in that respect we all have the same goal. It’s just that these methods that advanced marketers use are not easy to duplicate.

I have a few things for you to think about??

1. Buying clicks – Have you seen all those sites popping up where you can buy 100 clicks for X amount of money 500 clicks  X amount of money.

2 Advertising co-ops – Spend X amount of money and based on other peoples results get X results.

…That is just the tip of the iceburg

The Hidden Truth About Internet Network Marketing

I am constantly being bombarded with JV deals and business opportunities where I can cash in on peoples hopelessness. I have always resisted these offers , knowing full well that I could cash in like a big dawg.

I resist them because I don’t want to do to people what was done to me. This has caused me to make less money than I could, but it has also allowed me to sleep easy at night knowing I am not screwing anyone over. My only goal in the internet network marketing industry is to align myself with folks who are ethical and want to help other people live the life that they want to live on their terms…

The honest truth is: When you buy traffic from a middle man, no matter how good the quality is that he or she is telling you it is. It’s not quality traffic. People will buy your internet network marketing products once you establish yourself as an expert in their eyes….

The way people make money with these types of traffic is….

  • They sell that garbage traffic to you for profit

See you can make sales buying traffic this way, but the numbers you need are through the roof and cost a fortune. These people that are selling traffic to you are buying it for 1 penny and selling it to you for $1 sometimes more than that.

So while I could set up an ad co-op or tap into other traffic sources, I decided to cut the middle man out so to speak.  I know that middle man isn’t selling me anything good.

1. paid traffic = low quality traffic – It works but you need lots and lots and lots of it

2 free traffic = better quality traffic – requires time lots and lots and lots of time

So the question is what do you do to better your odds at winning the internet network marketing game?

The answer is you do a little bit of everything. Success in this industry isn’t from getting traffic from just one source. You need to get traffic from many different sources. That my friends is the only way to be successful.

You need to understand that ultimately what your selling doesn’t matter, rather how you sell it does. 90 days is a good number. If you can’t get 1 sale in 90 days in something it’s not the product that doesn’t sell, it is you who does not know how to sell it. Internet network marketing is actually very easy once you can connect all the dots.

Imagine a person sitting on a busy corner asking every person that walks buy if they got any spare change. Ultimately if the person keeps at it, they are going to get hand outs. Now I am not suggesting that you beg for money. But you must realize that when you do decide to get involved with an internet network marketing business it’s like standing on a busy street corner asking people to join your business. But instead of being on a street corner you have the entire planet earth to ask.

So with that reasoning if you can’t get 1 sign up in 90 days into something.. You don’t know what you are doing and you need some serious help. You don’t help someone hungry by inviting them into your house everyday for dinner.

If this was 100 years ago, you would help them by taking them out and teaching them how to forage for food.

Empower Network is a generic internet network marketing training system.  There was a need in the market place, people needed to earn higher commissions, people needed to understand what it really takes to make a sale (in any business).

And to be perfectly honest people are sick and tired of being scammed and joining shady business opportunities. In the 12 years I been doing this I never had a company pull out their lawyer and have someone with knowledge of the law say..

“Hey you can do this, it’s okay your not breaking any laws and this isn’t a scam”


So if you want to know how to sell stuff the right way and you want to make oodles of money in the process you really need to be a part of the empower network. I actually siphon traffic from lots of different places which I will gladly share with you if your on my team.

…Also I will teach you my process of marketing that has been working for me for the better part of 5 years..

What I like about empower network is that it is affordable to get started, yes there are upsells which you don’t have to purchase right a way. But as your income increases you are going to want to further your education even more and your going to want to make more money to boot..

If Empower Network didn’t work I wouldn’t be asking you to join or writing about it on this blog

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Internet Network Marketing

Earning Disclosure

Internet Network Marketing

Internet Network Marketing

P.S. If your like me you tired of doing things the hard way. You just wanna do something that works. (I started doing something different and it’s working just get in and I’ll show you)

Internet Network Marketing

Internet Network Marketing

Both Larry Rivera and Jamie Pelaez work from home full-time as online entrepreneurs. While we still do some affiliate marketing in the form of product and service related recommendations, our primary focus is our membership site sharing our love of Kung Fu around the world. You can trust we will only recommend resources we personally use to enhance our life and online business. While we make money online, however we cannot guarantee you will. Only because we do not know how dedicated you will choose to be. ;)


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    As a network marketer we know how important a lead is and how this lead can potentially earn you hundreds of thousand in income in the months or years to come. We must understand how a proper lead generation process works and how it really impact your online network marketing lead generation.

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    Hello mate,
    fantastic post about internet network marketing.
    I think you have showed all the aspect about how to market yourself. Everyone knows that the market is down and people are hopeless then it is necessary to convince then and make yourself monetize.
    Thanks for showing many facet.

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    Hi Larry,

    This post is fabulous. The information is exhaustive and good enough to guide any newbie who is interested in internet network marketing. Only talented and dedicated people can get into this and carry themselves successfully. Thanks a lot for this share.

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    Thanks Larry for this post.

    I remembered myself getting conned before on buying leads. I had to spend like $100 bucks for it and it still doesn’t convert into sales on my previous attempts on internet marketing. Now I know why it is not converting.

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