What Do You Think Internet Network Marketing Is?

What Internet Network Marketing Means To Me

internet network marketing

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I think people take the words “internet network marketing” and automatically assume that I am talking about “network marketing”.  While I am all about network marketing  I am not actually talking about those types of business.  I really think this term was coined because internet marketing folks got tired of mlm and network marketing.

…What I mean is this:

The idea of making residual income and passive income is every entrepreneurs goal. As internet marketers realized that just being an affiliate marketer doesn’t really help you achieve that goal.

Rather affiliate marketers have to keep selling their products to new customers. This means you have to constantly look for business. This in of itself is time consuming and get’s you nowhere fast. Especially if you want to have a life on top of your business.

Internet Network Marketing – Earning Passive Income – While Having A Life

If your not careful you can find yourself working way to hard for way to little. I once had someone who was literally paying .05 a day basically yell at me and say I wasn’t doing enough to help them in their business. That’s a true story!

The guy was paying me a nickle a day and expected me to answer my phone and hold his hand.. The sad part was I did that kinda of thing all time. You wanna know what I started noticing.

The people I talked to the least amount earned me the most amount. Vs the people who talked to me the most never did anything other than complain and cry about how the world did them wrong.

It was a few years before I finally understood why you really need to pre qualify the people you work with. I am all for being supportive and sharing what I know about marketing with someone. But let’s be real –> Marketing online is about YOU and your computer. The reality is you will earn every last penny you make and nobody else can do that part for you.

So How Do You Attract The Right Internet Network Marketing People To You?

It’s actually easier than you might think to find the right type of people to work with.  First you should realize that every word that comes out of your mouth causes the principles of attraction marketing to go into effect.

internet network marketing

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The Laws Of Attraction are neither good nor bad, they simply exist. You could be struggling like I was and simply change your point of view and see a massive increase income. Or you could be doing the total opposite and every word that comes out of your mouth could be attracting the wrong person, or even worse not attracting anyone at all.

Internet network marketing is about making real connections with people. Not on the phone, not even at events but here online. We use blog(s), social networks and any other online form of communication to get our message out.

Our message is one of hope. We want to let the world know that there is a better way of living. That you don’t have to be anyone special to have awesome things happen in your life. Society has been brainwashed into believing you have to work hard at your j.o.b. to get anywhere in life.

Society says you need to go to college spend $70,000 put yourself in massive debt then go to work for companies that don’t really care about your future. How many people today lost their “secure” jobs because of downsizing?

A good friend of mine a blue collar worker just got notified that he had to switch to 3rd shift or get laid off. I am tired of watching people who work hard for their money getting burned.  If you have passion to be a doctor or a lawyer that’s awesome. Most people though go to college not knowing what they want out of life and only go because someone said “You Need To Go To School”.

I say what you need is to get involved in internet network marketing and learn how to make $1000 a day so that you don’t have to go waste your time working for people who could care less about you, your family or your future.  When I was 16 years old I was told I would never amount to anything. By my high school guidance counselor. He told me I needed to go to vocational school and go learn how to fix people’s cars. (though I did drop out of school, I did go back and get my G.E.D, it was a matter of principle for me).

I remember going to a work to school program at an automotive repair shop. One day I was doing a simple oil change and had slipped on some oil. Next the oil pan next to me tipped sideways and all that hot old thick oil spilled down my hair. I was making $5.25 an hour. I realized that through internet network marketing I could make more money than most people that go to school make. And I could make it working 2 to 3 hours a day.  I am shooting for the 4 hour work week though :)

Thinking back on those days, I remind myself why working for myself is 10x’s better than having to degrade myself for peanuts. If your like me you had just about enough of all the hype. Your tired of not making the money that programs claim you can make. If your this person and you need some help taking back your life and your dreams, click the banner below.. We can do it together :)

Internet Network Marketing

Internet Network Marketing

P.S. If your like me you tired of doing things the hard way. You just wanna do something that works. (I started doing something different and it’s working just get in and I’ll show you)
….WELL you can’t fool 36,000+ paid member’s can you ?

Internet Network Marketing



internet network marketing

Both Larry Rivera and Jamie Pelaez work from home full-time as online entrepreneurs. While we still do some affiliate marketing in the form of product and service related recommendations, our primary focus is our membership site sharing our love of Kung Fu around the world. You can trust we will only recommend resources we personally use to enhance our life and online business. While we make money online, however we cannot guarantee you will. Only because we do not know how dedicated you will choose to be. ;)


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    I have thinked many times to switch my job and start a new beginning where i can shed my talent in front of the world.But i guess I can’t switch it right now(social factors)I loved the video.It has motivated me to some extent and the idea to represent it was great.

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    Hey that were some great info. I was surely missing on some of the points or paying less attention to them. But you have put them in a easy and understandable way . So I will make sure to follow all of these.

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