A Network Marketing Fairy Tail

Many people would have you believe that making a ton of money in network marketing is simply a matter of  getting a few people who will get a few people and so on…  While there are many hundreds of success stories of network marketers making good money in the mlm industry. There are thousands of people who failed. It is not because it is impossible to create success in a multi-level business, rather it is because people expect unrealistic goals.

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The way to get your business to actually grow is to spend your time with each person that comes into your business and make sure each person understands what they have to do to become successful.  The fact of the matter is only 10% of 10% of the people you bring into your business will put the effort in required to be successful.

The reality is this

Systems are used to get leads , systems cost money to use. It doesn’t matter “who’s” system you use really.

It cost money to advertise your business. It really does, the main reason is because you don’t actually own the system. You are simply plugging into someone else’s domain and virtual realestate. What that means to you is that you will never be able to leverage search engine traffic in your business. So it will always cost you money to advertise.

While it is true that you can use Traffic Exchanges and Safelist for free it is a total waste of time. I personally know people who have spent a minimum of 30 hours a week clicking away for credits and have dismal results at best and this is keeping at it for 8 months straight. It doesn’t mean that using these same places is a bad idea, you can find a lot of prospects using those methods, but if you want to do it this century you are going to have to spend money.

This was my entry into this industry… I paid for advertising using Ezine Ads, safelist marketing,PPC, banner advertising. It works but it can be expensive until you figure out all the in’s and out’s.. And I was having success using systems.. One thing was lacking though. Although I could basically save a ton of time by placing my ads, I still wasn’t finding quality people to join me.

The reason I believe is because I wasn’t branding myself as an expert.. I simply was copy/pasting ad copy,  sending Copy/paste welcome letters, and hoping that somehow the company would take care of the rest.

YA RIGHT! – Trust me when I tell you, unless you can convey to the people that join your business that you know what you are talking about, your downline will more than likely do nothing, complain and leave. These people will do this over and over again.. Joining one company, not really doing anything, gripe a bit and move on.

I have been on a blogging kick lately.  That’s because although my blog readership is only 1200 people that is still 1200 lols…  Blogging certainly helps you brand you. I have found “in general” the quality of person has gotten higher. I use to deal with a lot more unrealistic people before I starting blogging.

If I had start over again, and I would set up a blog and learn all I could about blogging before deciding on business model.

The reason is because regardless of what you sell online, you will have to collect a database of people.  You need to only do 2 things to make money online……. (Yup I said THAT!)

First – use a lead capture system for paid advertising.

Second – use a blog to brand you to all of the prospects you get.

If you do this constantly you will have success online!

Also with blogs you actually can get search engine traffic, (The only quality free traffic)

Blogging is really the key to unlocking success in this industry. I am always looking for new people to network with I spend a lot of money and time learning “how” to blog online.  Instead of charging some outrageous sum of money for coaching, I decided to ask people to join me in Global NPN. If you come in as a director (That cost $40 a month) you will be able to set up a self – hosted blog  and also have access to an autoresponder system and lead capture system.

Basically you would be getting all the tools you need to market any business online. Most of all though you will have me personally in your upline and my only goal is to help you learn how to internet marketing and network market. The New Plan Network has a sweet MLM compensation plan it is a nice added stream of income or primary business depending on your situation.

Personally – I like the network marketing comp plans, they really do allow you to earn residual income that can grow. The problem is 95% of the Multi-level products online are crap. Either they are big like amway – mary kay -  monavie etc… From listening to other people and just seeing what is going around these type of programs stink for true “Internet Network Marketing” While you can use the internet to help brand you and perhapes build your business the companies themselves make it very hard for you to actually market their programs.. Those types of programs in my opinion are best marketing off – line.

To me internet network marketing is about: Is more about affiliate marketing.  I have found that there is a huge market for newbies, all these newbies need to use the same tools everyone else does in order to be successful. So instead of focusing my marketing efforts on trying to say my product is better than your product, I market the fact that everyone needs to use things like hosting, autoresponders, domain names, lead capture pages, blogs, there is no getting around it.  Seriously all the successful people online use this stuff.  As luck would have it, most of this stuff have affiliate programs attached to it.

Since I have been able to bring (attract) people to several businesses  like:

Ez wealth solution

Global Domain International

Success University

New Plan Network

I realized that a good percentage of people that are looking to make money online don’t really care what they are selling as long as it is legal and think its going to work. Now my point is this, all of the programs I just mentioned above are totally different in content, yet the same type of person joined all of them….

It is this person, —The majority of people trying to make money online I am marketing too.

The reason is because regardless of what particular “business”  you want to be involved with , ” The same steps must be taken”.

Out of everything I have done regardling MLM on the internet I have found Global NPN to be the best place for a newbie to start their marketing journey.  It is generic enough and offers a good suite of tools at affordable rates that make it very easy to market and get into profits.

I also like the fact that you can get involved with The New Plan Network and still focus on your PRIMARY business.(Whatever that may be.)

Final Thought:

You absolutely need to pay for these things

  • Autoresponders
  • domain names
  • hosting

You absolutely need to use these marketing tools

  • Lead capture pages
  • Blogs

Finally – You can either spend a kings ransom to learn how to market, where to market and everything in between, or you can look for people who are able to guide you in the right direction. This is priceless when you find someone who cares and is good at what they do.  For the record, there was a time when I didn’t know anything at all. I remember on one incident I spent $5000 to learn some marketing skills. Can you imagine how horrified I was to learn that 99% of everything they taught me I could have learned for free simply by looking… Do you self a favor, if you are truly serious about making money in the internet network marketing industry , seek out someone who is already doing it and duplicate their actionsThat is network marketing at its best!


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Both Larry Rivera and Jamie Pelaez work from home full-time as online entrepreneurs. While we still do some affiliate marketing in the form of product and service related recommendations, our primary focus is our membership site sharing our love of Kung Fu around the world. You can trust we will only recommend resources we personally use to enhance our life and online business. While we make money online, however we cannot guarantee you will. Only because we do not know how dedicated you will choose to be. ;)


  1. says

    You really should define your target market, as Jay said above.

    Sometimes it is a good idea to write up a business plan for your internet marketing ideas. Going through this exercise can really help you better understand what you are trying to achieve, and can end up giving you some good ideas and business contacts who have experience in your field.

    Internet Marketing doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but most newbies who get started are so overwhelmed by all of the false (and some true) information that is out there. Unfortunately, most of them give up when there is room for all of us out there.

    There are tools out there that can help a newbie, but as you say.. nothing beats asking someone who has already done it to share their ideas.

  2. George Suarez says

    Those into network marketing has to learn the many techniques it has and I agree that there are more failures than the successful ones. Networking means getting real with people from all walks of life, convincing them, helping them see the benefits of this trade. Those looking for success should listen to advice coming from experienced people.


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