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What Type Of Network Marketer Are You?

First excuse my ghetto fabulous banner at the top. That’s my lame attempt at creating a graphic :) I was just thinking the other day that instead of looking for a network marketer to work with, you should become the person you are looking for.


Because in this way you will become the person you have been looking for. I’ve learned from lot’s of folks over the years but I never found that one true network marketer that I can say mentored me in the way I was looking for.

The result was I set out to be the person I wanted to work with. I believe that is what really started causing me to start having success online. I simply became the person I was looking for.

Finding The Right Network Marketer For You

There are good teachers everywhere if you look hard enough. There isn’t a one size fits all mentor. You need to find someone who you feel like is speaking directly to you. Then you need to investigate that person further by being friends with them on facebook or opting into their marketing message and see if they are truly saying what you want to hear.

Many times a person is looking for someone they can talk to and then they find out that the person they thought they teamed up with isn’t exactly what they claimed to be.

… A Word To The Wise:

Always be cautious when talking to a quick talking network marketer, these people will prey on your emotions and blow smoke up you know where.

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network marketer

Both Larry Rivera and Jamie Pelaez work from home full-time as online entrepreneurs. While we still do some affiliate marketing in the form of product and service related recommendations, our primary focus is our membership site sharing our love of Kung Fu around the world. You can trust we will only recommend resources we personally use to enhance our life and online business. While we make money online, however we cannot guarantee you will. Only because we do not know how dedicated you will choose to be. ;)


    • Larry Rivera says

      Hi Gurj, that’s not true at all. Everyone is at different levels in their growing and developing.

      For example: Even though someone feels like they are a newbie, if they been marketing online for 8 months, they still no more than a person who just got started say a 1 week ago.

      The most important thing to look for in a network marketer is finding a person you can identify with.

      Some of the best sponsors are people with the biggest hearts, regardless of their “proven Results” ..

      Some network marketers have “proven results” and are straight up assholes..

      ..I am not accusing anyone specifically of that noble title, but they are out there and you need to be careful who you ask to help you.

    • Larry Rivera says

      While I agree with you that companies should hire within their company.. I have a friend who got screwed out of a job.. She has been working for a company for 5 years..

      ..They brought someone in for a position that she could of filled,

      Instead of lifting up their employees the company went outside and brought someone in..

      ..So much for being a loyal employee…

      Thanks for the comment though I am not sure how it applies to my article :)

  1. Becca says

    You offered us so many interesting ideas and thoughts, that I have to think a little bit about this stuff. Generally saying, I agree with everything you mentioned.

    • Larry Rivera says

      I stripped out the links.. I will still accept comments, but unless the comment offers some sort of in site or opinion about what was written I will be stripping away all links..

      A good comment should add value to the conversation.

  2. says

    Hi Larry,

    Yes, finding someone you can identify yourself with is key, or at least that’s how both Rowena and myself feel. This actually applies to anything you do in life, whether it’s Network Marketing or any other activity that you perform in your life.

    You know… I really take my hat off for the short but very truthful post you made above. It took me 2 minutes to read, but you’re really speaking directly to me, and I like that.

    Thanks for a great post, and hey… you got yourself a new subscriber.

    Have a great day!
    Ulf (and Rowena who’s baking again… LOL!)
    Ulf Astrom recently posted..What can a blog do for you?My Profile

    • Larry Rivera says

      Hey Ulf!

      I see you found one of my blog(s) thanks for stopping by and commenting brother..

      Make sure you go visit and connect a picture to your email address so your pic will show up with your comment :)

  3. Jason Riley says

    Rightly said. A great inspiration. Why not to be the one i am looking for when I know I have small business and less budget.

  4. says

    Mostly people will enter network marketing when they see that their neighbors or friend has been successful on it and there are also people when they join network marketing they felt negatives so they give up and tell that network marketing is not true.

    Thank you for posting your article Larry because it gives a positive and encouragement to all the people who join network marketing and to give an idea for those who don’t know what is network marketing really is.
    Opportunity Amazing Life recently posted..DXN Marketing Plan ­ Can I Really Make Money with It?My Profile

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