Network Marketing – Baby Boomers Take Center Stage

Network Marketing – Baby Boomers Are Flooding The Market

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I was born in 1975 that makes me a generation X kid. I didn’t experience any real wars growing up other than the cold war. I remember playing video games even as a small boy. We even had color television and beta players…

But this post isn’t about my generation , I have to say my generation is the result of the Baby Boomers. They fought in wars and thus far has shaped the world the way we know it today.

Unfortunately due to the fact that people love spending money and the economy is always going up and down baby boomers are starting to share the same fate as us gen xers.  NO MONEY!!!!!!

Social Security isn’t what people thought it would be, investments are starting to dry up and now baby boomers are looking to the last great frontier to stake a claim. Network marketing is really starting to look good for the boomer generation.

Network Marketing – bridging the gap

For the past 5 years the majority of people looking at my network marketing business has been baby boomers.  I don’t hear to many people talking about this, but I have noticed that they are indeed flooding the market place looking for answers to their financial situation.

Continental Can Company, Fizzies tablets store...

The problem is most boomers where born before computers. They used them for work only and not for pleasure. For many in the baby boomer generation computers seem like they are from another planet.

What is the worse is all the hyped up media about marketing online and crappy marketing tactics that try and convince people that marketing online is as easy as taking candy from a baby. This has led many boomers to invest large sums of money on empty promises.

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What Baby Boomers Need To Know About Network Marketing

This last part is about you. I know that a lot of boomers are reading my blogs because it seems every time I pick up my telephone and talk to someone their ages average between 48 to 78. I expected to talk to more people around my age or younger, but the reality is most people I talk to are always older than me.

Here are some helpful tips:

– You need to use video in your marketing

– You need to understand the vocabulary of internet marketing

– It is okay to use your credit card online

– Your not old, internet marketing can feel overwhelming at any age


Network Marketing online is much different than offline marketing, you don’t have to ask anyone you know to join your business. There is a whole world of people that are in your generation desperate to find ways to supplement their incomes. It is you who can be that person.

What you should do is find someone to sponsor you who is willing to explain things to you in a way that you can take it one step at a time. Your first goal should be to find your online personality.  Next find someone who can help you understand not just online marketing, but basic internet marketing fundamentals.

Some of the most basic processes are lost in translation because simply we assume people already know.  While some boomers are totally on top of the game, there are many more that are frustrated and confused. They feel like they have been scammed.

If you are a boomer and reading this, realize that there is a boatload of money for the right boomers because your peers will look to you before ever thinking about working with someone younger than them. Take advantage of the situation get your name out there and offer to help them learn.

We live in an interesting time, I believe as each year moves on more and more people will start to realize the power of internet marketing.  Network marketing online is the new @home business for baby boomers

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Both Larry Rivera and Jamie Pelaez work from home full-time as online entrepreneurs. While we still do some affiliate marketing in the form of product and service related recommendations, our primary focus is our membership site sharing our love of Kung Fu around the world. You can trust we will only recommend resources we personally use to enhance our life and online business. While we make money online, however we cannot guarantee you will. Only because we do not know how dedicated you will choose to be. ;)


  1. says

    Hi Larry. As a baby boomer (I’m 48), I can tell you that you are absolutely right. I actually learned to type in high school on an old Smith-Corona typewriter.

    Many of my generation are terrified at the pace technology is moving today. I’ve learned from working with my downline that many of these need special attention.

    Once you get them up and running, they can kick butt with the rest of us, but they need some help getting over their initial fear. And, since most of them realize their retirement income just won’t be enough, they need something like network marketing just to get by.

    The demand is definitely there.

    Excellent post. Keep it up, my friend.


  2. says

    Hi Larry,

    Great blog you have here! I’m 46 and am at the very tail end of the “baby-boomer” generation. We all know that boomer’s retirements aren’t going to be what was expected and everyone needs to take control of their own finances. Network marketing offers an option for financial freedom. Learning how to market your network marketing business online is essential for success in our global economy.

    Keep up the great work, Larry!

    Steve Hawk

    • admin says

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for stopping by, ya I can confirm that statement. I can’t tell you how many baby boomers have told me they weren’t prepared for the state of this economy.

  3. George says

    Hey Larry,
    Most people you talk to are always older than you and its because the way you think and perceive things interests the matured and wise older folks who see a wise man in you. From color photographs to color televisions to Atari and computer we’ve come a long way Larry and the baby boomers will always be interested to talk about such a topic because it takes us back to memory lane.

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