Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset Which One Do You Have?

Which Way Are You Dealing With Failure?


… I just got done watching a great video about 2 different types of mindsets and how they can take you in 2 totally different directions.

You need to watch this video and see which traits you have…


When your on the path to success, you will find that failure is your companion. The most successful people in the world know mister failure very well. It’s how you perceive your failure that really does matter.

Do you grow from it or do you decide to just give up because it’s to hard?

Re – programming Your Mindset

I am going to pull this next part from my martial prospective. In martial arts you have to basically reprogram what you think about knowing about fighting in order to learn how to deal with real conflict.  Over the years I have seen many people come and go. They tend to go when the going get’s ruff.  I personally believe you will get further in life if you have a growth mindset than if you have a fixed mindset.

The above video on mindset and success really makes a lot of sense. It’s worth it for you to take the time and watch. There are little things you can do that will help you move to a growth mindset.

What I think is pretty nifty is the fact that success is not something people are born with, it’s something they can learn to be.

Did you watch the video? I would love to hear your opinion on on the subject.



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  1. Yasir Khan says

    Growth mindset is my choice because with this perception you will still to continue learn something new. It will open you to new techniques, new information and new hope for you to better and succeed online.

  2. Joy says

    People with growth mindset are those that are more concerned with learning; they are more focused on what they can do better the next time. This, to me, is the most catching part of the video. It’s true that when we wallow in depression and worry too much about what other people would say about our performance, or our failures, we will never really be able to move ahead. But when we accept failures as part of the learning process, and we take to heart all that we can learn from the experience, then we will be better and better each time. Thanks for the share; very interesting and informative video.

  3. Stacey@business coaching says

    Fixed mindset is common. The good news is, we can all develop a growth mindset if we choose to. The mind is truly powerful and a lot of people don’t realize it. With the right attitude and mindset, success is something that is not so far away.

  4. Calra@bali huts says

    Thanks for sharing the video. Very informative and simple to understand. I would love to deveop a growth mindset and be more successful in any venture that I choose to engage in.

  5. KellyKelly@bali says

    Achievers have growth mindset, I definitey agree with this. That’s why we should train and will our minds to stay positive, flexible, and open to all possibilities. We should learn to embrace failure as necessary part to achieve success. If we see it this way, we will never be too concerned about making mistakes because we know these will make us stronger, smarter, and successful in the long run.


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