Empire Avenue Review – A Closer Look


There are many social games that take place over social networks, but few are like Empire Avenue. This social game actually puts a price on your head, and people can choose to invest in you with their digital currency. Your price will go up as more people invest in you, and you can also add extra funds to your account by creating content. While this concept is interesting, should you really use this social game for your business? Read on to find out.

The Basics of Empire Avenue
Empire Avenue is a stock market game where every user is a component of that stock market. Players can invest in your account to gain earnings. If you gain points through further investments or content creation, then anyone who has invested in you will get a portion of your digital earnings. While players aren’t making real money, this does create a hierarchy where advanced players are regarded as superior.

You can use your earnings to invest in other players to earn dividends, or you can buy items to increase your status.

Content Creation
You will earn a certain amount of points for creating content on the Internet. For example, you will earn points for making posts, videos and comments. Empire Avenue has capped the maximum number of points that you can earn per day to discourage spamming and fake content.

For example, you will only earn a certain number of points for posts. If you create more posts, then you won’t make any additional money until the next day. Many Internet marketers and business owners have taken advantage of this since they are constantly creating new content. Players do this so that they have more currency to invest in other players.

Pros of Empire Avenue
If you play Empire Avenue, then you can increase the likelihood of someone finding and looking at your website. Players with a high score often have many people looking at their website and investing in their account. This can increase the amount of traffic that your website receives, and it may also increase your social presence.


Empire Avenue can also help you connect with other people that you may not find through Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. This is because Empire Avenue is a smaller community, and you can see how active someone is by looking for users with a high number of points. If you want to connect with active users, then this can help you network with some powerful people.

Cons of Empire Avenue
Many business owners don’t like Empire Avenue because of the gaming aspect. A good number of players are just looking to win the game. This means that they will do their best to quickly make more points through spamming and annoying tactics, and they might participate in devious tactics to hurt your score.

You may also not like it because Empire Avenue is very overwhelming. There are achievements, items and your constantly fluctuating score. You can spend hours on Empire Avenue without doing anything of value.

If you are looking for an interesting game or a way to connect with powerful people online, then Empire Avenue can be a useful resource. At the same time, you might waste a lot of time trying to play the game. Just consider the pros and cons before joining Empire Avenue to see if this is a good idea for your business.

empire avenue

empire avenue

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