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Internet Network Marketing – Goodbye 2010

Happy New Year 2011
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It has been a crazy year,  than again every year is a crazy year wouldn’t you agree?  What has been really awesome is the fact that it is going to be 2011 and internet network marketing is still growing strong.  Many more people are starting to realize that the money in this industry is in the systems and tools used to build a network marketing business.

While having an awesome product is indeed important it. Having the right mindset and proper tools to market online is more important.

Internet Network Marketing -  The Path least traveled

If you have been online for any length you will know that you need some sort of system to help you find prospects. At least that is what you are told.  You may be wondering what are internet network marketing systems.

These usually consist of nothing more than a team oriented lead capture page , autoresponder system and some team training thrown in for good measure. The marketing techniques are really the same since I have been marketing online which has been a little over 10 years.

Some stuff has changed but not much. Take Google adwords, it use to be the bread and butter for many marketers, until Google slapped the crap out of people.  So peeps moved to facebook ppc advertising. Same thing as google but no slaps as of right now.

You don’t really need a system to build your business because you are your own system. But you do need a good lead capture page (easily created by yourself with the right tools) and you need a good follow up email series, again easily created by you.

The one thing that is not easy to come by is a good sponsor, that is something you are going to have to shop around for. A good sponsor will help you learn the real skills you need. I am sure you have heard this before but it is true.

The most important trend happening in the internet network marketing world for 2011 is the fact that more and more people are starting to realize just how important blogging is.  Friends without a doubt if you want to be competitive online you will absolutely need to blog. Make 2011 a great year and start it off right by blogging.

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Internet Network Marketing – Wrap Up

People everywhere are getting ready to make their New Years resolutions. What do you plan to do differently this year, than you did last year? Do you see any new trends developing in 2011 you would like to share with us? I would love to hear what you think.

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