Google And Facebook A Not So Fresh Moment?

Did Google And Facebook Not Think What Goes Around Comes Around?


Google And Facebook

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2 giants of the internet world are currently rubbing their heads wondering what is going on. Both companies over the years have enjoyed continual increase in their businesses. They also enjoyed censoring people, telling people what they can do, what they can’t do.

Google felt that it would be in their best interest to not let us marketers do our thing. They slapped us on google adwords, they slapped our blogs, they slapped our static websites, they told us our back links where no good.

They sand boxed our websites to Siberia.

(There are laws that dictate what is legal and what is not legal. Why not just leave it up to the law makers to decide if what we do is right or wrong?)

Facebook followed Googles Lead

Facebook looked at Google and said. “ya that looks good well do that too”. Both mega giants are now scratching their head and wondering what’s happening. What seems kinda funny to me is google thinks it has something to do with mobile phones.

…See me being a marketer and all I like to spend money on advertising. That means I like to pay companies like facebook and google. But they don’t like my business models. They want me to own a mom and pop store or something.

They lost my money and tens of thousands of other peoples money because they choose to listen to people who won’t spend any money. Even worse they listen to their college kid employees who are looking at data and have no clue what is really going on.

If you ask me its very simple, when you bite the hand that feeds you don’t be surprised when it comes back to bite you in the ass…..

… Oh sorry for babbling this is what I am talking about actually  :)
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Google And Facebook, WAKE UP!!!

We (the small business owners) use to like you guys. You gave us a chance to level the playing field, then you took it away from us.  People who always complain about stuff don’t actually buy anything. Your businesses relied on our advertising dollars. Now reap what you sow….

Blame the idiots in charge of your companies who keep coming up with these ideas like constantly changing your secret algorithms and stuff.. Your really not making the web a better place, your annoying more people…

Facebook, don’t you see the millions of people who are posting about their privacy being violated? Your killing why we loved facebook. Your saying stuff like “where opening up new advertising avenues”, yet we need to go through hoops just to get an ad on your precious site…

Here is a earth shattering idea, how about trying to not be dorks and leave us alone.


Keep doing what your doing, there are other social networks and search engines just waiting to steal all your traffic.. Ya, it could happen and if you keep doing what you are doing it will happen.

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Google And Facebook

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  1. says

    I think the issue comes from a failure to take these small online businesses seriously. For these massive companies, it is difficult to tend to the needs of such individual needs, though the continuing growth and legitimacy of online businesses WILL get them to change their minds. Even now things online have grown tremendously, and a serious industry is being created. These gripes and complaints against Facebook and Google, I believe, will be addressed, as doing so becomes a more profitable option. It will come in time. We just have to keep things growing and prove that these changes are worth the investment.

  2. says

    Not everyone knows how to maneuver around these sneaky tactics and I do agree that if they keep heading in this direction…it will continue to be
    a great injustice….affects everyone and discouraging many…and devastating newcomers in this arena. I prefer they take a hard look at the direction the are heading and work towards a win-win alternative instead.

    • Larry Rivera says

      Hi Maria, it is difficult because advanced marketers just move on, while newbies kinda get stuck in the middle confused and not any closer to reaching their goals..

  3. says

    I hope they soon realize this so everyone will benefit from it. This is going to be a win/win situation if they manage to change their concept or rules soon since everyone is trying to do their businesses online.

  4. says

    Hi Larry,you have written which is something i admire at this moment the most.Facebook has always been fun to work upon but this fun has burnt out in the sun. :)
    They don;t really care about anyone’s personal life,and when contacted they even don’t take sufficient steps to overcome the trouble.

    • Larry Rivera says

      Hi Aditya, that is the frustrating part especially with facebook. They have no problems denying you. But when you contact them they only respond with their generic faq’s….

  5. says

    “What goes around comes around” Larry the wordings are from a song of Justin Timberlake. Lol. :)
    But there is a deep meaning behind that.Once these social media giants take this for granted they will know the value of privacy of people.

  6. says

    I think that while social media networks have many many disadvantages, they are still pretty good. their advantages are still more than their disadvantages.

  7. says

    What goes around comes around, it means that whatever you do in this life to other people, whether it is good or bad, the same will return to you. Maybe not in the exact same way, but trust me, payback is a mess and it is same thing with the social media sites.

  8. says

    I knew they are up to something bad for us, after reading some of the conspiracy stories surrounding them. This article kinda like proved right to all of those conspiracy stories in some ways, I believe.

  9. says

    I feel a great sense of dissatisfaction over these injustices too and I’m glad they are learning their lesson the hard way. Privacy and online security are of utmost importance and I couldn’t agree with you more that everything that we once loved about this platform has now become elusive. Thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts on the matter.

  10. says

    Both entities should just stop complicating matters further by imposing too many rules are policies that are way too restricting. Thanks for the engrossing read.

  11. says

    This one just hit below the belt! Definitely, you’re right about those points that you’ve mentioned in your article. Hopefully more and more people would agree with your precious points.

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