Do You Know What Are The New FTC Regulations?

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The new FTC regulations are here, the question is do you understand what they are and are you prepared for them? I have been meaning to write something about this for a few weeks now , but I haven’t had the time.  So I did some research to see if I could dig you up some good information..

So here ya go….

New FTC Regulations For Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers

If you’re a blogger and/or affiliate marketer and you live in the United States, then you’re probably aware of the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations that will go into affect December 1, 2009. That’s in less than 4 hours …

Hear of the New FTC Regulations? You Absolutely Need To Check This …

As the majority of you may be aware ( or should be, at least ) yesterday new FTC regulations came into effect concerning the employment of testimonials and endorsements in advertising. A lot of the new rules directly impact on online …

Buzz Marketing Trigger and FTC Regulations

FTC Used This Buzz Marketing Trigger to Get New Regulations KNown Instantly..

Just In Case That Wasn’t Enough!

The End of Online Marketing?

I hope this clears up the new FTC Regulations for you a bit. Till Next Time…

I am using these web forms on my blogs and websites, and ya it has an affiliate program if you purchase it I earn a commission.

ftc regulations

ftc regulations

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