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There has been many debates over which plate form to do your commenting on. There is Disqus which i don’t particularly like and than there is CommentLuv.There have been some conversations I would have liked to join but haven’t because it doesn’t use the kind of commenting system I like.

One example of people not liking Disqus can be found at Mavis Nong’s blog you should really have CommentLuv on your blog there are pro’s and con’s to using this WordPress plugin. On one hand it encourages people to leave spam comments, but on the other hand it also encourages people to leave well thought out comments so they can get some link juice.You can bet if you don’t have this plugin there is a good chance people won’t leave comments on your blog.

This is especially true when you are first starting out blogging. Once you establish a readership it won’t matter as much because people will post just because they want to get involved with the conversation. Until then though you want to encourage your reader as much as possible to leave a comment.

Now that you know you should be using CommentLuv it is also a good idea to find other blogs that use this plugin and start leaving comments on their blog. Word of caution¬† Leave good comments, most people get annoyed when they are getting crappy comments and your comment and link won’t see the light of day.

To take full advantage of this plugin go register your free account at commentluv.com

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It makes nofollow link dofllow. What is Dofollow list? A Do Follow list is a list of blogs, which have Do Follow attributes on their blogs. Outline of the list: URL Google pagerank  Alexa ranking . DoFollow Blogs with CommentLuv:

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I’ve been using Comment Luv and Keyword Luv and appreciate what they do for my blogging. Are you saying that DoFollow is an improvement over them or is it an add-on?You will find sites related to dolphins that use commentLuv.

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Do you use CommentLuv On your blog? If you do leave a comment and let everyone know that you are using it on your blog.




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    What can I say than to say that comment luv is on top of the comment game. I agree with Michael Harrington that all bloggers should be using it. Also thanks for posting this thoughtful article on your blog.

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