Creating Emotional Content with WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins – A  Picture Says A thousands Words.

I am always looking around the web to find easier ways to create blog post. Nothing seems more time consuming than looking for just the right image. It is hard enough to write content keep cool on the swimming poolthat is interesting for others to read.

Finding that perfect picture shouldn’t have to be. One of my all time favorite blogs to visit is WassupBlog.

I was just visiting his blog today and Sire <– The blog owner,  just recently did a post about essential wordpress plugins.

He mentioned one that I never heard of. It just goes to show you just how many wordpress plugins there actually are.

WordPress Plugins – Making Life A Whole Lot Easier

Wordpress PluginThe Plugin I am referring to is called “Insights” it is a really cool wordpress plugin. I can’t believe this is free. It is just another reason why you should be using a self –  hosted wordpress blogging plate form vs everything else.

Not only does this plugin find you images to use for your blog, it can also do search videos, wikipedia, google, news, blogs, books its pretty cool if you ask me.

I typed in the words “wordpress plugins” and did a video search.  This is one of the youtube videos that came up.To insert the video I just clicked the add video button and poof there it is.

WordPress Plugins – How To Come Up With Content?

I get ask this question all the time. Today I simply went to my friends blog and started reading. I found something that I thought was interesting added my own twist to it and let the wordpress plugins do the rest of the work.

She Spins IISometimes its simply a matter of knowing what keywords you would like to write about and then go looking for inspiration.

I don’t care what anyone says. Much like today’s music, nothing is original anymore.Mostly all good blog post where inspired by other really good blog post.  You don’t have to be originator of a thought, but you do have to have your own flavor.

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to writing content for your blog? Where do you feel are the best places to find images for your blog post?  I really would love to know your opinion.  I look forward to your comments.


Wordpress plugins

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  1. says

    Hey Larry,

    I love Sire’s blog as well and visit it quite regularly now. I found that particular post really good too. I did already have the insight plug-in but the one that caught my attention was the wordpress stats. Sure, I have other services that check my stats but thought it was a pretty cool plug-in for free. I’m like you, I love stumbling on cool posts that share things that we weren’t aware of.

    Enjoyed your post and I’ll be back to visit again.


  2. says

    Hey Larry, thanks for the mention mate. I’m glad you liked the post and that you were able to use one of the plugins on your blog.

    You’re right thought about it being hard to come up with something that is totally unique. Even when you think you have done so you find out later that someone actually beat you to it. The thing to remember, like you said, is to put your own spin to it, to make it better, as you should always try to improve on stuff, and to make it unique in it’s own way.

    • Larry Rivera says

      Wassup Sire :)

      I think folks get hung up on trying to think about what to write about. Especially blogging newbies. It took me months before I started really getting involved with the blogging community as a whole. Once I did though it was like the ideas just started flowing..

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • says

        I look at some of the earlier stuff I used to write and I look at it as if someone else wrote it. It was really pretty bad. If I knew then what I know now those posts would have been a whole lot better.

        A not to newbies, don’t just rush into starting a blog. Pick one that you’re passionate about and half your battle’s won.

  3. says

    I have never heard of “Insights” plugin yet but I’m glad you have mentioned it here. I’m using Istockphoto on my blogs and oftentimes I find it really hard to find the right image.

    Thanks for sharing such useful information here. :-)

    • Larry Rivera says

      Hi Walter, thanks for commenting. I like Istockphoto too. I find that it can be time consuming looking for just the right image myself.

  4. says

    Hi Larry,

    I have used the Insights plug in for some time. I love it but have never used it for images in posts as I have not been able to determine copyright information from the returned images easily. My understanding is that all images come from Flickr. Can you tell me how you deal with this?


    • Larry Rivera says

      Hey Marcus, I wouldn’t worry about the copywrite , the image at the top of this post and bottom is from using the insights plugin. As you can see from the image it direct links to flicker where the image resides. So technically its giving the attribution to flicker. Zemanta works in a similar manner. As long as they are getting the credit via the link I don’t think any harm is done.

      I could be wrong, but if there was a problem with it, I didn’t find anything negative in regards to the plugin and copywrite infringement so I think we are good. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. says

    I actually choose photos from flicker, those that are not copyrighted and it’s so hard to choose one because sometimes it doesn’t seem right for your post. So, this plug in you mentioned, I will definitely be trying it. I hope it will really make choosing photos a whole lot easier and better.

  6. says


    I’m so with you on the finding the “perfect” image for your blog posts. I actually will not publish a blog post until I find the right image. So this plugin is going to help save me A LOT of time. :)

    … and for the most part, I use Google or go to to find my images.

    I appreciate you sharing this plugin!

    – Yo

  7. says

    I wanted to use a picture of a car that I found on another website on my blog; I sent an email to the owner of the site and asked him if I could use it and the context. He was totally happy for me to do that. I’ve also done this with some other photos and pictures too.

    In my experience people are flattered you like their images and are happy for you to share them. In the case of the car I gave a plug to the owners website on my blog which he didn’t ask for, but just felt like good karma.

    I’m no expert but my tip for writing great content is knowledge on your subject and passion.

  8. Adell Falchi says

    Great tips ahead, I am on my way in creating my own webpage and I use to highlighted it with more graphics and of course user friendly one. I love the concept of creating emotional content with wordpress plug-ins.

  9. says

    Insights seems like a cool plugin! For content I actually use a plugin called Dynamo – bought it as a WSO. What it basically does is – you submit feeds (of a specific ezinearticles category, magazines, etc.) and showing you what people in the blogosphere are saying about your keywords, etc.

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