WordPress 3.0.2 – Auto Updating Error Resolved

WordPress 3.0.2 – Don’t Pull Your Hair Out Yet

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If you have been using WordPress for any extended period of time you know that they are constantly updating their plate form. While it re assures me that wordpress is always improving it can also be very annoying when things don’t work as they should.

On 4 or my wordpress installations, I got the not enough memory error when I tried updating to the most recent build.  All 4 times I had to deactivate all my plugins and re-run the auto updater and it worked.

If you are having problems updating to wordpress version 3.0.2 and it is not working for you, deactivate all your plugins and try it again. It worked for me!

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WordPress 3.0.2 Wrap up!

Some folks would argue that WordPress is a pain in the butt to upgrade and blogger is better because you don’t have to deal with that crap. While it is true that wordpress is always upgrading. For the most part it is pretty painless to do. After I deactivated all the plugins, it updated just fine. I read that the wordpress 3.0.2 has an important security fix, so I recommend upgrading right away.

wordpress 3.0.2

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    • admin says

      Hi Peter thanks for stopping by. That is a tuff call because although its a terrible thing, hackers will try and exploit what they can.

  1. Jesica says

    I still find wordpress new version 3.0.2 a little raw and needed of a lot of effort in order to make it work. In addition, they should add new ways to change themes easily. Besides I hate upgrading every time.

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