90 Day Vlog Challenge | Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

90 Day Vlog Challenge | Never Assume What You Don’t Know

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I went with my buddy Larry Rivera’s wife Erin, to help out and support a local event called Women 2 Women. Part of me did not want to go, though this single mama could have more than used a night out to say the least!

I was not sure what my resistance was, however it was not once of those gut wrenching feelings where I felt like my life would be in danger… So I went, anyways.

Shortly after arriving, I figured out why I was feeling like not showing up. It was because I was going to come face to face to a stereotype that I was all too well acquainted with.

What an abused woman should or shouldn’t look like…

See… The event was about promoting women through the arts as well as raising funds and awareness for domestic violence and its victims.


It all started with the host of the night, stating the woman who represented the organization we were helping did not look like a woman who should be representing abused women because she looked like a super model. She said what an abused woman looked like in her mind… However, I won’t go there though.

I spoke up and said why that’s part of the problem. Most people think, they know what an abused woman looks like or an ex-abused woman. And because of this misconception, many women who need help, never get helped.

It stung, it stung bad, because I was that woman… The one that did not look like she was abused. The one that was silently crying out for help, wishing someone would offer me a way out… And it never came.

Throughout the event, I kept thinking about that and yes parts of my life flashed before my very eyes. It was an emotional night. Tears welled up many times and I had a good cry when I got home and snuggled up to my daughter Jaya who was sound asleep. Part of me knew it would be hard to go to that event and that I had more healing to do on this part of my past… More than I realized.

However, I am glad I went because now I can help spread the word about not judging a book by its cover.

Watch this video now and know why we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover:

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