90 Day Vlog Challenge |Shiny Object Syndrome

90 Day Vlog Challenge | How To Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome

Sometimes… I have to be careful… Of all the shiny objects floating around. I love to learn, so I have to be extra careful! New books and courses come out all the time and if I am not paying attention, I might just go crazy and go on a spending spree!

It’s okay, if you buy things and actually utilize them to the fullest and of course don’t go into debt buying things! For instance, if you buy a course and actually go through it and then utilize that info… It’s okay for you to buy another product to continue your growth. However, if you haven’t used what you currently have dear friend stop being distracted by the shiny objects and utilize what you currently have to the fullest right now!

If you can follow this golden rule of taking inventory of what you have and being honest with yourself… Have you have utilized it to the fullest or not? Then you my dear friend can overcome shiny object syndrome which just happens to be the abbreviation S.O.S.!



Watch this video now to learn more tips on overcoming shiny object syndrome:

If after watching this video, you realize you have shiny object syndrome (also known as shiny ball syndrome), then you know there is hope!

1. Admit you have the problem.

2. Pay attention to the resources you already have. (Take inventory.)

3. Become a great self-corrector…

– Do I already have something that can serve the same purpose?
– Have I utilized it to its true potential?

Let me know if you or someone you know suffers from this syndrome and what your thoughts are!

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