Larry Rivera started Profit On Knowledge January 13, 2006  in it’s early days he had no idea what he was going to do with his domain.

He only knew that he wanted to make money online and he had a cool domain name.

He experimented with all kinds of different marketing strategies and found that most people who were filling his email inboxes were full of doo doo.

Ultimately it has led him on a crusade to help unsuspecting souls understand the reality of marketing on the internet.

Updated December 29th 2014

Okay it’s been one long ride. If you read through this blog you will find years of post from different online businesses I have been a part of. You will hear about my failures and successes. You will be able to see my progression online. Most importantly you will be able to gain valuable insight into the world of internet marketing, network marketing and affiliate marketing. 

The purpose of this blog is together with the help of my business partner Jamie Pelaez to bring to you information that will help you develop and prosper in whatever business you are doing on the internet.



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10 Responses

  1. i been recieving ur mail 4 a while now, but never sure how much u can heip me make it on line . if its working hard I can! but never want 2 waste time on fruitless ventures.CAN YOU?

    1. If you aren’t afraid to get in there and get your hands dirty I am sure I can help you. The real
      question is do you really want help and are you willing to do what it takes?

  2. Hi Larry,

    For a young man you have really come a long way.

    I joined NPN under Vicky and she gave me your blog to come to.
    Very nice job, Larry.

    Any ideas or suggestions you can give me, I would really appreciate to get my NPN business going. I really want to get this business moving.

    Thanks and best wishes,


  3. Hello Larry,
    I was a member of NPN way before I found your “PFP”, I am also involved with GDI and with a friend of mine I met on the net, he’s my GDI sponsor and I’m his NPN sponsor, we have gotten together and have been marketing these 2 biz opps using his site “Learn to Earn Mentors”, what we are doing is working,slowly,but working. My goal is to get a site up and running , I want it to be a site such as yours and his. My problem is the video, I’m just unable thus far to get into the video marketing. Tho I realize it does work well, I’m not the kind of person to sit and do that. Heck,I hate even having my picture taken. I do like your blog and I am going to get going on one,I’ll check out “Host Gator” and I’ll be watching yours to get the ideas of how to properly go about it. And I will be looking all around on the “PFP” to get more knowledge off you well done videos there. Keep up the great work,I’m jealous, you are definately where I want to be.


    ps: Thanks again for “PFP”, glad I found it !

  4. Hi there Larry.
    Me again,   yes your'e blog is fantastic,  certainly giving me some ideas.
    If you check out my blog I hope it amuses you,  its my first attempt.
    I still have a long way to go but at least I have found network marketing and its great.
    Hi to you and your'e family

  5. Good to see you still going, Larry. 2006!! wow… it has been a long time knowing you, my friend. Right from the first time I was introduced to you ,
    I learned a hell of a lot about marketing on the internet.

    Thank you for that,
    I wish you luck with your new project. I know your members will receive excellent content, instruction and assistance in their chosen field
    God bless


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