3 Things To Consider When Writing Good Blog Post


As many of you know I have been doing a 90 – day blog challenge on this blog. I have been sacrificing writing good blog post in favor of just getting my post up. I also have noticed that while I am getting more traffic to my blog I am also getting less interaction from my readers.

It is obvious to me that I am writing to frequently on this blog. My regular readers are use to seeing me only put up 3 or 4 post a week on this blog. So while I will continue my 90 day blog challenge but I am going to spread out my blog post across my blog network.

Writing Good Blog Post – What I have learned

First newbies will gain a significant amount of traffic by doing a blog post everyday.  There are a couple of drawbacks to this.

  • Reader burnout – I think loyal readers get burned out on your writing when you are writing something new everyday. It doesn’t give them time to see your post. Also it doesn’t give you enough time to do good research.
  • More spammers, I am not sure why this is, but as soon as I started posting daily my spam increased.

New bloggers don’t really have much of a readership so blogging everyday is a good way to start. But once you get into your own groove your better off feeling out how your readers respond to your blog.

3 Helpful Tips To Writing Good Blog Post

I am always refining my skills at writing good blog post.  My two worst subjects in school were Math and English to make matters worse I dropped out of highschool. I am often reminded of the fact when I go back and read some of the gibberish I put online.  Ironically thanks to online marketing I have improved my writing skills a wee bit 🙂

—> So Yaaa, on to writing good blog post.

1. Don’t clump up your words. Write small paragraphs that are easy to read and spaced out.  Nothing is worse than going to a blog and seeing a run on paragraph that has no spaces when I see blogs like that I don’t even read the first paragraph.

2. Use Images! But… Make sure to make use of word wrapping and space out your images.  You can instantly tell a good blogger from a bad blogger just by looking at how they use their images in their post.  You want your images to be part of the story. Sometimes people use pictures that have nothing to do with what they are writing about. That is just weird.

3. Leave Room For Discussion. I would love to leave comments on everyone’s blog I visit.  My first rule of thumb is to only leave a comment if I can add something to the discussion.  Thing is though, while many new bloggers want people to leave comments they don’t leave room for the commenting.

You either want your reader to feel something, think something or take an action.  Read your own post, would you


comment on it? If so what would you say.. If you can’t think of anything there is a good chance neither can your reader.

Writing good blog post is about engaging your readers not talking over their heads.  This can be tricky, but I have noticed that birds of a feather flock together. There are bloggers out there that feel that unless you do x, y and z your not a real blogger. I say BLAH!!! If you aren’t being original your not being a good blogger.

A giant mistake I see in the internet network marketing industry is new bloggers, not knowing much try and pretend that they do by parroting what other people are saying. While sharing information you learn is the blogging way. There is a difference between sharing something, and pretending your something your not.

So what I am saying is: If you aren’t a expert in your niche you shouldn’t try and be something your not. The whole fake it till you make nonsense is not the way to go…

The real secret to writing good blog post is to just be yourself. If your spelling sucks use spell check, if your grammer sucks so what. Life is to short to give a shit what anal people think. 🙂

I use to never like writing, when I first started blogging I was scared what other people might think.  I am so glad I stuck it out in my early days of blogging. My blog is my business without my blog(s) I wouldn’t know where I would be.

What do you consider to be a good blog post?





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