4 Ways Bloggers Can Burn Calories Despite Their Sedentary Living



Most pro bloggers allow the hours they spend at their desks to become an excuse for sedentary living. As a result, they have accumulated body fat to the extent of it posing a threat to their health. If this untoward scenario describes your work life, fret not. Weight loss is achievable even while imprisoned in the office or at home by the demands of your blogging career.

With clever usage of your time and a bit of willpower, you can squeeze just enough exercise to improve your health. Here are some of the routines you can use to get the most out of your work hours.

How drinking cold water helps burn calories

Simply taking frigid water can help burn a significant number of calories. How is that possible, you ask? Nutritional research has established that when you take a liter of chilled water, your body burns 30 calories to bring it up to your normal body temperature. Take advantage of this involuntary body mechanism to shed some calories.

How lifting your legs helps you lose weight

You can burn another 50 calories without leaving your workstation by doing leg lifts. As the name suggests, it simply entails you lifting your legs until they are parallel to the floor. Repeat the movement over 10 minutes, alternating between your right and left legs. You can do this as you play around with ideas for your next article. In this way you are killing two (angry) birds with one stone: dreaming up more content to help you make money online while getting your body toned down.

How the Magic Carpet helps you burn calories

“Magic Carpet” is another name for Arm Lifts which is simply lifting yourself off your seat and suspending yourself in the air. Even though you could do like Aladdin did, you wouldn’t lose a thing; with your office ‘Magic Carpet’, you stand to shed an amazing 10 calories every minute! Take your fingers off the keyboard and wrap them around your armrests. Cross your ankles, tuck your stomach in and lift. If you can, try and hold that position for 20 seconds before releasing. Also try and keep your breathing regular while your muscles are tensed. Your stomach and arm muscles will ache the first time around, but with consistency, that will become a thing of the past.

How an exercise ball helps with losing weight


A couple of hours a day sitting on an exercise ball instead of your chair will help you build your stomach muscles as you work on generating content to put your blog higher in the search engine rankings. This little seating adjustment can see you lose an incredible 3 calories every minute as you firm up your midriff. Organizations with worldwide reputation, such as Weight Watchers and TRX Suspension Training can offer you the latest ideas in exercises you can do at home while you blog.

There are a number of other simple movements you can employ within the confines of your workspace to improve your general health and boost your productivity. Standing while working for some minutes instead of remaining seated will help your circulation.For women who fear gaining too much muscle from gym routines, such exercises offer simpler, less strenuous ways to regain your figure.


Charles Mburugu has a passion for sharing health and diet tips for bloggers. He is currently involved in a campaign promoting deals such as coupons for weight watchers and trx training promotion codes. He also writes on web-based technologies such as social media.

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