In Defense of Guest Posting

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Bloggers should embrace guest posting as an opportunity to expand their blog to more varied content and a wider readership. While some bloggers regard guest posting as too risky of an enterprise since you’re allowing a stranger to post their views on your site, I think the risk is worth it. A guest poster may touch on an aspect of your blogs central theme that you might have ignored or never realized. Below are some compelling pros to consider if you’re uncertain about the prospects of guest posting on your blog.

Guest Posting – Brings in new readers

Guest writers on your blog can potentially draw in new followers, which could mean more traffic for your site. If the guest writer has their own network of readers then those readers would likely to spend time browsing your site for related content after reading the guest post. A good guest writer will likely write strong content that may attract entirely new readers to your site. If the guest writer’s strong writing does bring in more readers, you might want to take a cue from them and take a look at improving your writing!

Guest Posting – Open the blog to discussion

Guest posts tell your readers that you’re open to outside opinions. Once readers see that you’ve allowed another person to share their ideas with them, it may spark a change in your blog’s a writer/reader dynamic. Your readers may be more inclined to comment on your posts if they see that you’re open to posting opinions, particularly if they don’t exactly match up with your own. Also, you may gain a better understanding of your readership by gauging how they react to the guest post. At the very least, the guest post can act as an assessment of the receptiveness of your readers to content other than your own.

Connect with like-minded bloggers

If a writer wants to draft a guest post for your blog, it’s likely that they possess some interest in your blog or the blog’s content. If they write a fine guest post, you might connect with that writer or add them to your network of trusted peers. If their post is successful then you know you have at least one other writer you can rely on to post content for your blog should you need assistance in the future. And if the writer has their own blog, feel free to ask if you can guest post on their site to get more exposure for your blog!

You still have the final say

Remember that you review the guest post before it’s posted on your blog. Don’t feel pressured to publish content simply because you accepted a pitch for a guest post. If you have any reservations about the quality of the guest post, simply voice your concerns to the writer. Be constructive but direct in your criticism. It is, after all, your blog, so an experienced guest poster should have no problem working with your edits if they want their content published.

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