Once And For All Why CommentLuv – Short And Sweet!


It seems there has been a raging debate I have actually written post about CommentLuv and all the value it has. But still some folks seem a bit confused as to why it is such a good wordpress plugin.

I don’t want to drag this post on and on so I will highlight some of the main benefits and reasons why it blows away all other commenting plugins…

Okay there really is only 1 main reason why CommentLuv should be the choice preference for wordpress bloggers. That is because the plugin was designed to benefit both blogger and commenter.

Video On CommentLuv

That was until a few days ago when I discovered something totally increases the value of CommentLuv 100%. That is a CommentLuv specific search engine.

Do you realize this means you can now find any keyword phrase and find a blog that will give you link juice? This saves so much time and energy looking for the right blogs to comment on.

For the record my comments and even the amount of traffic I have gotten to my blog I can attribute to the power of the CommentLuv.

It is a very powerful plugin you can get it and install it for free. I do recommend going premium though because it condenses some of the more important plugins into 1 plugin. If you are familiar with wordpress then you already know that to many plugins can cause your blog to slow down.

My blog actually runs slower than I would like.. I do plan on doing a tune up soon to speed it up, especially because google does take into account the speed of your site when considering your site for rankings..

Don’t got CommentLuv Yet? –> Click Here  (Yep! there is a 99.999% chance that if you click a link or buy anything as a result of visiting my blog. I probably earned a commission) I am sure most of you know that. But with all these ftc regulations etc.. I wanna play it safe 🙂

That’s enough rant for me today!

Larry 🙂

What says you? Do you have a preference CommentLuv, Disqus, Facebook comments etc..?


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