What Is Considered Quality Content?


I think we could spend all day debating about what quality content is and what it isn’t.  I am curious myself to see if I can come up with engaging information for a straight 90 days.

I think quality content is any information that your reader may be interested in.  To often people start blogging and immediately they start just doing product reviews and trying to sell stuff.

Quality content isn’t product reviews, comp reviews, this service is better than that service type content.  Quality content is content that leaves your reader wanting to come back for more.

Quality Content Doesn’t Have To Be Original Content Either

I think another misconception folks have is they think their content needs to be original. While original content is always best, when you are blogging you aren’t only a writer you also the publisher editor and chief.  So really anything you find interesting you want to share with your readers could also be considered quality content..

If you are going to use other peoples content you want to make sure the first paragraph and last paragraph are original. You want to put other people’s content in the middle of your post and always give attribution back to the original author.

Quality content could also be videos, pictures, audios, pdf files etc.. What is important is you write in your own unique voice.  Blogging isn’t like going to school you aren’t going to get graded on how well you write.

Quality Content – Making your blog posts eye candy for Googlebot.

Quality content is something that Google has said is important post panda. Find out what type of content Googlebot loves!

7 Essential Tips To Produce Creative Quality Content

The quality of your blog’s content, whether it’s an article, a video or a podcast interview, eventually determines your success as a blogger.

Quality Content Helps Get Traffic


How to Get Traffic to Your Website

Handle any emergency with Howcast’s First Aid app – howc.st Want to drive people to your website? Increase traffic with these tips. To complete this how-to, you will need: Quality content SEO Money Social networking Traditional advertising Analytics …


Final Thought: Quality content is something that you need to consider. The challenge isn’t so much getting a blog. The challenge is actually populating a blog with useful content on a regular basis.

I am on my 3rd day of my personal 90 – day blog challenge. I usually do 3 blog post a week sometimes 2. Simply by doing a blog post everyday I see my traffic stats increasing.  Also the point of my challenge is to share with you my readers that it is possible to create quality  content rather quickly and get it up on your blog.  I also made my challenge harder on myself because I also plan on writing in my Empower network blog every day as well.

I invite you to join me in Empower network and get your own empower blog and start your own 90 day challenge. I started a private Facebook group that is only for my empower network team. I want to help you make $15000 a month and I am willing to do what I have to even if it’s drag you to the finish line.

Listen -> Getting involved with Empower Network cost $25 a month. I was having a conversation this morning about giving away to much for free. My friend responded  ” Ya Larry the reason why animals that are adopted  cost money is because when you give them away for free the animal owner 9 times out of 10 won’t value their pet.”

I did it the total opposite for a few years. I figure if I give the person the knowledge that cost me thousands of dollars to learn they would appreciate it more.  U know something…. It is true when you give away stuff the people receiving it don’t value it enough.

P.S Some of you may be on the fence about getting involved with empower network. Did you know you earn 1oo% commissions.  Also Alertpay was added as one of the payment processors so now its 100 times easier for international people to get involved with empower network and get paid.

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