Why You Should Create A Blog Network.


Not many people are aware of this, but it is a good  idea to create a blog network.  I think blogging is fun. Though being confined to the internet network marketing keyword can be a bit boring don’t you think? It doesn’t matter though because the fact remains that if you really want to rank for any keyword phrase you need to use that phrase constantly for months and years if you want to hold top ranking in a search engine for it. Another thing that all webmasters will tell you is that you need back links, lots and lots of back links.

What this means is:

You need a blog network if you want to dominate a niche. Not just 1 blog.. In fact you will have an army of blog/micro blogs in your arsenal.

Does that thought scare you? I am asking you that because it’s just a fact of this business. I like to think the more prepared someone is for reality, the faster they accept it, the sooner they are gonna see success.

Blog Network – Give Yourself Back Links


So the next question is why do you need multiple blogs?  It really comes down to the matter of back links. Regardless of who tells you what, back linking is still one of the few methods that worked in the past and works today. You need quality back links the kind of back links that are anchor text links. That is one of the reasons I started writing in my Empower Network blog, I wanted more quality back links to my site(s)

Of course it can all seem a bit overwhelming when you first start out blogging but there are many different ways for you to add content to your blog network. I am not going into all the different ways in this post because I just want you to wrap your head around the idea that creating a blog network is actually a good thing.  This way you can have multiple quality sites sending you back links.

A few rule of thumbs about creating a blog network:

BLOG NETWORK1. You should have your blog network across several different IP addresses. Yes there are ways to mask your IP address, but honestly the easiest way is to just to make sure the blogs you are writing on are hosted on different servers..

2. You want all of the blogs in your network to point to your money site.. (which is more than likely your main blog)

3.  A manageable number of blogs is 5 to 10 blogs.. 30 if you are daring 🙂

Interestingly if you are actually an expert in your niche, you can really get the traffic flowing because most folks are lazy and don’t take the time to make their blog network attractive.

Some people will tell you that only back links from relevant sites do anything for you. Well that is a total crock of bull shishika . Getting tons of back links in general will help you in search engine rankings. Granted having relevant and high pr backlinks are ideal. You can still enjoy higher rankings just getting regular backlinks..

I have a few points for you to think about:

1. You really need to get your main keyword phrase linking back to you from as many other sources as possible

2. Don’t leave your traffic building to others. While getting viral traffic is nice, don’t expect it. You can give yourself back links.

3. Someone in your niche is fighting for the same traffic you are fighting for. Doing just that little bit more with bump you ahead of your competitors.

I know some of you are still trying to figure out how to write in one blog. That is why I recommend starting out by writing in something like a empower network blog. You can connect your Empower Blog directly to Google Analytic s. Once you start seeing your traffic increase then go out and get yourself your own self hosted blog.

When you are ready to self – host your own wordpress blog I recommend going with Hostgator. They are affordable and they have great customer service. Something that is rare in our industry..




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