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Creating worthy Blog Content That Might Even Get Shared And Commented On

Deciding to start a blog can be rewarding, fun and scary all at the same time.   Rewarding because you can potentially earn tons of money because of blogging. Fun because it gives you a chance to interact with people from around the world. Scary as hell if you one of those people who like your privacy and your not comfortable talking about yourself.

Worthy content is content that entertains people, informs people & educates people.

For a few people, they blog simply for the pleasure of blogging. They don’t do it for money, nor do they do it for fame. They simply blog because they like to.  More often than not the blogs that don’t have a money making agenda do very well because they speak to a person without the hangup of creating a sale or two.


Trends I’ve Seen Online That Is Considered Worthy Blog Content

Entertaining your reader can be a great way to create worthy blog content. Most folks go to work, come home follow the same ole routine day in and day out. If your blog takes their mind off of their life even for a moment here and there not only would you have gained a loyal follower you will also create a situation where your content could very well go viral. People love sharing stuff that makes them laugh, cry, angry etc.. Basically if your content emotionally connects with someone it’s worthy blog content.

Maybe your a blogger on a mission, like rid the world of war. Blogging gives you a chance to report the news through your eyes. With a blog you can have a voice. This is a duel edged sword though. Because blogs can be used for love as well as hate.

Good or bad, people are attracted to news like a moth to light. I hate to say it, but the more controversial something is, the more buzz it will get.  Remember all the sites popping up with the end of the world stuff in 2012. It was like for the entire year you couldn’t log on without seeing something said about doomsday.  I wonder what they are all talking about now seeing how, well where still all here?

At the heart of blogging though is imparting wisdom on your readers. This is where it can get tricksy as gollum would say. Generally when someone is teaching you something they are doing it in hopes that you will buy something from them.

The tricky part is providing real value and not just trying to say some lines to convince someone to buy your product.  That’s why I love the quote:

Be A Product Of The Product And You Will Make Sales Effortlessly – Don’t know who originally coined this phrase but I like it 🙂

If you really love what you are doing , then providing value should be easy. It’s people who do stuff for money rather than for the love of it that have a hard time of convincing people to buy their stuff.


Worthy Blog Content Isn’t About Making Search Engines Happy

I know what’s the point of writing engaging, thought provocative content if nobody is going to read it? Interestingly the days when you could a bunch of techy grey/black hat tricks and flooding your domain with back links are pretty much dead.

While having good on page seo is still vital and having quality 1 way back links are still useful, more and more the internet is being judged by it’s peers. AKA Social Influence. So a total novice can start blogging, share their blog on FaceBook and leave some comments here and there and if  it’s worthy blog content not only will social networks grace you with traffic the search engines will reward you with search engine rankings.

In today’s blogosphere it’s more important to write quality content. If every blog post is a pitch, pitch, pitch you will lose readers, lose traffic or your blog will be a ghost house.

Now it’s your turn, what do you consider to be worthy blog content?

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