Thanks for reading this comment policy. While I have no problem giving people link love nor do I care if you are linking to a blog or a website or a lead capture page. I do expect everyone to leave a well thought out comment.

Please read the article before leaving your comment. There are so many people using auto commenting software to leave comments that it gets annoying to have to sift through them all.

My rule of thumb is this, if you end up in my spam folder I am deleting your comment. Same thing goes for trackbacks.

Other than that I am pretty lenient when it comes to letting people comment. I would love for you to join our community I encourage you to visit the other bloggers that come here and post. Many of them really have some great content to share with you.

Finally, if you are not using  Or some other way to include a picture with your comment. Your comment will not show up.

Thanks again,

Larry Rivera


p.s Many good commentors go in the the spam folder.. If you don’t want to be deleted I need to see who you are. It’s the fastest way for me to know who to approve and who to delete.. Thanks for your help 🙂


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  1. Wow! What a nicely written comment policy!! I like it! So natural and conversational and REAL! Not at all stuffy or lawyerly or complicated! Don’t autocommenters stink???

    Too bad they ruin it for the rest of us!!

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