How Powerful Is Email Marketing?

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The most important skill you can master is email marketing. 99% of your business is conducted through emails. So I thought I would give you some insight into how I effectively email market.

The mistake a lot of people make is they don’t realize they are losing money by not effectively marketing to their list. You need to brand yourself in the eyes of your list subscribers. This is where having a blog and using youtube can be very effective.

Building a profitable list takes time. You need to win over your prospect’s trust, this might take months and sometimes years. On more than one occasion I had subscribers that joined a business after being on my list for over 2 years.

If you want to get sign-ups faster to your internet network marketing business, you will have to use things like blogs, lead capture pages, and video marketing…These help build credibility, it shows that you know how to utilize all the internet has to offer a marketer.

More often than not most people who will come visit you are newbies. After marketing for 8 years I still don’t know everything I am in a constant state of learning. The more “real” knowledge you have the more valuable you will be to someone.

That is why people who go around and talking about how great their comp plan is etc… Don’t usually get very far

Let me ask you a question:

Would you rather have $100 from 100 people or $1  from 1,000,000?

Let Me ask you another question:

Do you think it is easier to sell something for $1 or $100

My point is that many people will try and sell you on how much money you can make.

Of course, I am sure everyone reading this would rather have a million dollars.

Utilize email marketing to its fullest potential, market products that have real value, and your business will go far.

Using this strategy has been responsible for the growth of my internet network marketing business.

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