How To Succeed When The Odds Are Against You

Calling All Home Business Flunkies

I was one of those home business flunkies for many years. Maybe you are brand new to the industry maybe you been around for a few years. There are so many people online who are not having the results they want in their business that sometimes it’s overwhelming to think about.

To get your life back you need to start transforming from the inside out. This process of transformation begins to happen in an instant. It’s start with you making a decision to change your situation.

This change I am talking about is like deciding to start a weight lifting program or dieting program. It’s like deciding that you are going to start doing Yoga or Tai Chi. If you want to be successful in anything that you do it first starts with you making a decision to change.

Your probably thinking:

Larry If It’s That Easy Why Isn’t More People Healthy, Wealthy And Living The Lifestyle They Want To Live?

Home Business Flunkies – Creating A Winning Lifestyle


I want you to pay attention to what I am saying. If you do you are going to realize what you need to do to have a transformational moment that will change the rest of your life….

I like telling stories, the reason is because it’s through storytelling that I can get my point across in a way that you will remember the point even if you don’t remember the story. If you just paid attention to that last sentence you will be come aware of just how powerful what I am saying is.

Many years ago,

I asked my Sifu (teacher)  probably the most important question of my entire life. I said, Sifu I noticed that your really in shape and I want to be in shape I go to the gym 3 times a week, I watch what I eat but nothing I do seems to work. How often do you exercise Sifu?

He looked at me and said:

I Exercise 7 days a week I Never Miss A Day And I Have Been Doing It For The Past 8 Years

Think about That for a moment, he exercises every day even to this day. Now you would think how does a person fit that into their life, but it only takes him 10 minutes a day to do a full body workout.  The interesting thing is once you have the right knowledge and you create healthy habits things don’t actually take as long as they are perceived.

I said “Sifu what about when your sick do you still exercise?” , to which he replied, YES! Of course I do.

With that said I made a decision to follow his routine, I did the same thing he did for 6 straight years, in that time I went from 220lbs to 180lbs of rock solid muscle. I felt better than I ever felt in my entire life. I felt healthier than I ever felt and I started this when I was 30 years old. I was in better shape than when I was 16. Imagine that…

I didn’t do anything special, I didn’t work harder than I was before, In fact I worked less. I just became more consistent in what I was doing.  What changed in my life was my lifestyle. I decided in one moment that I was going to change my life. Yes it took awhile for me to reap what I sowed, however my lifestyle has changed.

To Answer The Question – To Stop Being One Of Those Home Business Flunkies Change Your Lifestyle

While change happens in an instant the process of change doesn’t happen instantaneously. It’s a process of a bunch of small changes. If your that person who is failing in your home business, it’s because it is you who is failing you. It’s not your business or your sponsor or your environment. Right now you are making decisions that are not taking you forward.

All that can change right now, this very minute with a simple act of saying to yourself no more I am done with this crap. I want more for my life, I want a lifestyle that I can be proud of.

Once you make that decision you need to start taking steps to get to where you want to go. The first step is to align yourself with people who have the lifestyle that you want to have.

Did you read what I just said? To live the lifestyle you want to live, you have to find people who are living the lifestyle that you want to live.

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