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Pattern Interrupt (NLP)

You’ll have seen several Internet Marketing folks going around claiming to be serious NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) experts — That they have carefully crafted techniques to share and hence you should buy their products. Because they’ll get you conversions like never before.

While most of them are uttering absolute baloney – those that are “actually” making use of NLP techniques in their Internet Marketing campaigns are seeing very promising results.

I thought I’d take the time today to describe one of the techniques most commonly used by seasoned video marketers and/or copywriters that have proven time and time again to really take the pinch out of landing page optimization and secure conversions a lot more easily than conventional landing pages can ever offer.

Let’s stick to video based Internet Marketing in this discussion to sort of narrow the scope. I will write about copywriting aspects of NLP in a future post.


Are you into video?

If you’re making videos in your Internet Marketing to promote your products, great job.

Are you making “quality” video content though? — That’s the ultimate question.

You see,

Anyone can sit or stand in front of a camera, mouth off praises for their super duper product and hope to have convinced the viewer into buying it.

Uber-Cynicism in Internet Marketing

But do you really think that in today’s most uber-cynical world, people aren’t already immune to the countless rehashing of video content that’s gone around, and nearly lost that “touch” with Internet Marketing altogether?

Sadly — Most have.

People are a lot smarter than they used to be. And picking one’s brain about the potential scamminess of an Internet Marketing supported product is now a lot easier than it used to. This is because so many of our Internet Marketing brothers and sisters have come out with nonsensical “two-timing” work in the scores, leading so many people astray that the social proof of this scammy work has now tided into a rage where as an Internet Marketer you are now confronted with not only the task of convincing the prospect about the value of your offering — but also if you can be trusted or not.

And video is one medium that still dominates the realm of “convincing”.

Video Marketing

Video in Internet Marketing can no longer be taken lightly.

No longer can you make those same old beat-up “sit in front of the lappy” style videos telling people how great you are or how great someone else’s product is if you’re trying to make an affiliate sale.

Video based Internet Marketing can only be a “quick and effective” tool today if it’s of a higher standard than most run-of-the-mill work, and is carefully crafted using commonplace Pattern Interrupt methods (NLP)

The aim of Pattern Interrupt based methods is to limit or completely eradicate any “neurological conditioning”, break a “habit of state” and generally induce more readership or viewership in the case of video based internet marketing.

Using this methodology, video marketers in corporate circles have managed to create outstandingly conversion-friendly video content for almost a decade now — if your video makes people pick up the phone or opt in to a subscription form WITHOUT thinking any further, you know you’ve conditioned them nicely and increased your chances of gaining a loyal following than traditional content delivery does.

Do look up this space – Pattern Interrupt – it may just prove to be the decisive change in your Internet Marketing business that you’ve been needing or looking for all along.

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