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The Niche Of Internet Network Marketing

Did you know that internet network marketing is a niche in of itself? The niche itself involves personal growth products as well as coaching products and marketing training. The kind of marketing training you get in this niche you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. Not even colleges. Sure college teaches you some internet marketing principles, however overall you won’t learn the kind of information you really need.

That’s because until you immerse yourself in the world of internet network marketing and start gaining experience you won’t know what to do or say. That’s okay though because the good news is the internet is full of quality information for you to absorb.

Making Money In The “How To Internet Network Marketing Industry”

For me personally getting started marketing online back in 2002 I tried selling all sorts of different products. If it had an affiliate program attached to it, I probably tried to sell it. After spending years in the industry I have come to the conclusion that unless you get proper training you are paddling up stream without a paddle.

I must of spent ten’s of thousands of dollars over the years on resale right products, private label right products, taking internet marketing course after course. I literally applied everything I was learning. I wasn’t having success. That’s because I had some obstacles to overcome.

  • Google Adwords Got Hard To use (The Dreaded Google Slap)
  • I didn’t have any social proof (No Sphere Of Influence)
  • I wasn’t earning large enough commissions to sustain any kind of growth (Puny Commissions)
  • My internet network marketing business wasn’t seeing any duplication

It was around 2006 that I started questioning everything I was doing. I had already blown thousands of dollars at that point and nothing was working. Well finally something did work.  Something wonderful happened during those years of failing online.

…What I didn’t realize at the time is that I was learning. I was growing in ways that I never expected to happen.

I discovered that I could make more money online if I switched my focus from:

Trying To Sell Products That Nobody Wanted To Helping People Get What They Wanted

What Zig Ziglar said was TRUE!!!!! “If You Help Enough People Get What They Want, You Will Get What You Want”


The fact of the matter is you can practically sell just about anything online to the right target market. However unless you know how to sell you will quickly find yourself not making very much money if you make any money at all. There are literally hundreds of different internet network marketing businesses to chose from.

Again, it doesn’t matter how great you think your product is unless you understand the mechanics of getting people to pull out their credit cards and buy something from you it doesn’t matter.

If someone said to you:

Hey I can show you how to make tens of thousands of dollars online for the rest of your life would that interest you?

I am going out on a limb and say that YES you are interested in learning that type of knowledge. Who isn’t?  There is a saying in martial arts..

The quickest way to from point A to point B is a straight line. This holds true for online marketing. If your serious about your success online then you should be willing to risk some money on learning.

The question is where should you spend your money? ____________ <= Shameless Plug Avoided

I am going to give you the best answer I can give you. You should join business opportunities that have a good compensation plan. That’s not all though, don’t just join a business. Join a person. THAT’S not all ====> If I had a dollar for everytime I heard the statement: I joined Guru X and he/she never really worked with me and when they did help me they just told me to buy more stuff.  I would probably be the wealthiest man alive.

The fact is this, join a person who is successful  as well as someone who is a good teacher. Did you know that you could be successful and still be a bad teacher? You my friend need a good teacher.

Always pre – qualify someone before working with them. Be sure that the person you are going to work with is eager to help you. Be sure that the person you work with will pick up their phone for you. Make dam sure they will answer your emails…..

I also hear: I talked to X and he/she told me that I should do x,y,z and that it was easy then after I joined I never heard from them again. This is a two way street if you don’t do your part don’t expect someone else to do their part.

…With that said,

If you find a good mentor what you will discover is that he/she makes oodles of money teaching other people how to make money. If you understand what I just said to you, you will start to understand the secret of unlocking all that internet network marketing money.

Because as I said in the beginning internet network marketing is a niche in of itself. This means there is a crazy amount of money to be made for people who are willing and wanting to teach other people how to sell stuff online.

Just imagine for a moment all those people out there in the world who are in companies like Avon, Aflec, MaryKay,Amway etc… The list goes on and on and on. All those people would love to sell their products online.

Practically none of them know how to sell anything online.

Just imagine the thousands upon thousands of people online who would love to sell stuff online but or either constantly failing at it or don’t even know where to start.

Taking Internet Network Marketing And Creating A Legacy For You And Your Family

Remember back in the 80’s and 90’s there use to be all those infomercials on how to make money. All those people where making money hand over fist selling products to people that taught them how to make money.

Friends what everyone online wants is to know how to make money.

Let that sink in for a moment….


think about it….

Online the name of the game is multiple streams of income. You can have a primary business and a secondary business, you can have 5 or more businesses if you choose too. My only suggestion is make sure that what you are doing makes sense. To sell stuff to just sell stuff -> Meaning, make sure that the quality and value of what you are selling is top rate.


If you want to make the easier money, I advise you to focus on learning all the internet network marketing skills you can handle. Then be willing to teach others those skills. Don’t worry about being fake, because you can learn while you earn.

The beauty of actually knowing what to do is that you will start making money by selling more stuff.  There was a time when I was doubting my abilities. I am so glad I never gave up hope.  I know if I can thrive successful in the internet network marketing world so can you.

Talk To You Soon,

Larry Rivera

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