The Truth Your Not Hearing About Hypnotic Selling

Hypnotic Selling Only Works If You Selling To The Right People

The secret to success using hypnotic selling tactics is to first understand that you can’t actually hypnotize anyone. When someone says hypnotic selling people get images in their head of some guy swinging a pocket watch in front of them saying something like “you are getting sleepy… Yes sleepy…” .

Because this is the image,

people very quickly get turned off when they think someone is trying to “fool” them into buying something. The Art Of Hypnotic Selling only works when you apply the right strategies to the right people. The right people are people who already are interested in what you are doing…

3 Elements That Creates Profitable Hypnotic Selling Situations

I am going to break down 3 basic parts of hypnotic selling, if you just apply these 3 things to what you are doing you will see an increase in your overall results.

FirstYou have to grab the persons attention.  The above video talks about that. What you should know is that people are constantly getting bombarded by people promoting stuff. What this means is that you need to get their attention as soon as possible and get them to focus on what you are saying…


Second – Don’t automatically start pitching your business deal. This is like #1 biggest mistake people make when they get started in their business. People automatically start resisting marketing pitches.

When you strangers pitching their hot sizzling business or their amazing compensation plan you can be sure they aren’t making that much money. That’s because they didn’t build a relationship first.

You have to first break down peoples barriers. You do this by first creating a relationship via communicating…

Third – Kinda step 2 and 3 are done together, it’s through your ability to tell good stories and create likability and credibility. It’s at this point that you can start selling your products. It’s important to note that none of this works if you aren’t marketing to the right people. The right people are people who are already interested in what you are doing. It’s always important to know who you target market is.

Hypnotic Selling Happens When You Increase Your Communication Skills

Interestingly, as I continue to grow in my own learning experience I am quickly realizing just how important it is to choose your words wisely. Our minds work in imagery. When we hear words our minds see images. That’s why when you say something like:

Check Out This Hot New Sizzling Better Than Apple Pie Business!

I am just going to out on a limb here and say after reading that you got images in your head of scams, hype etc.. The moral of the story is you need to choose your words carefully and really think about the images that are forming in your prospects head. If you aren’t careful you could be scaring away your prospect.

Hypnotic selling works when you follow the basic blueprint I just showed you.  I can also show you 3 more things that will get people to love buying from you.

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