Getting The Most Out Of Your Swom Account

Congratulations On joining this great Social Community. Most people start out as a free member. I did, I was a free member for about 2 months not realizing how cool swom really was.  One day I was bored so I decided to investigate my free membership.

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What I didn’t expect was to find a vibrant community of marketers who actually co-existed to help each other out. That all by itself was really a breath of fresh air.

Sure like most things online there are some bad apples among the bunch but for the most part swom gave me a good feeling like I fit in the community. Which was a first for me because I never felt that with Facebook or Twitter.

While I could talk about the compensation plan (I am not) it is what it is. You can earn an income but what swom is so much more then a comp plan.

Swom Is for Newbies

Free members really don’t benefit much from swom for a few reasons.

This is the only place I know of for a small price you can have almost 24 hour access to experts to answer your most burning questions about marketing online.  So if you are a free member I highly recommend you upgrade right away.

The Swom Quick Start Guide

First thing is first set up your profile: Tell your story. Why did you join swom? How can you add value to the community? The better story you tell the more likely a person will actually click on your promotional links.


After you set up your profile start getting involved with the community.

For starters, visit the Open University and in the search section type in some marketing questions you may have you will be surprised how many answers you may actually find.

Join a group or start a group. There are hundreds of different groups in swom. Some of them are very good while others stink.

But in any case there is something for everyone and groups are great way to get involved with sub communities.

Another feature that is pretty cool is the advertising module, every time you do something in swom you earn community points. They can either go towards your affiliate income or you can turn around and use it to buy advertising inside of the social network itself. For the amount of exposure you get it’s really not a bad deal. I wouldn’t spend to much time advertising though until you understand how to market effectively and you have a good marketing funnel in place.

The Absolute Bestest Way To Market Swom Online

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Many people will tell you that just show people your affiliate link and presto. Sorry to tell you it just doesn’t work that way. The reality is it takes a bit more work than that to get people to join through your link.

Consider using lead capture pages. Here is the service I use to make quick easy capture pages among other things. Another great way to promote your Swom business is by blogging about it, like you see me doing right now.

Ultimately the best way to market The business end of Swom is to promote yourself and brand yourself online. Through earning people’s trust you will be able to refer more people to your business. This takes some time and doesn’t offer the quick fix solutions other people may tell you about. (Which Don’t Work In The Long Run)

However if you earn a persons trust there is a good chance they will not only upgrade their account but also consider you of high value. This means that you can potentially earn more money from them. In the long run if you are providing real value your prospects, leads, readers, subscribers etc.. Will be more willing to pull out their credit card and spend money. Which is the end goal of everything we do online.

How To Use Swom To Advertise Other Businesses?

This is something that most Swommers would like to know. First you have profile section where you can put all the various affiliate programs you recommend. What I like the most about swom is the fact that you can get a lot of contacts very fast.

The reason why that is important is because when you type in swoms dashboard every one of your contacts can potentially see your message.  While you may say to yourself, you can do that with twitter. You will have more response in swom because the people on your contact list are already pre-qualified targeted traffic, since they themselves are more than likely gold members. This means they spent money online and are already open to the idea of internet marketing and network marketing. We are talking about a ultra targeted group of people.

How To Increase The Amount Of Contacts You Have In Swom Quickly

Traffic Resources:

All three of these traffic sources you can join and use for free. I recommend upgrading your accounts to maximize their potential , but that is up to you.  Personally I have an upgraded account in all three. I feel they are well worth the money.

I like sweeva because it allows you get real time access when it matters most, that is when the person is actually looking at your offer. That in of itself is a great way to get people to join you


What I like about Thumbvu is the fact that it has a social marketing element to it, if you upgrade the account you can also have an autoresponder form on your profile.


I use list joe, viral url and a few others. I track my stats out of these types of list builders viral adstore always ends up sending me the most clicks.


I am sure you know this already, but for those of you that don’t if you purchase anything through any of my links, I will be compensated. Don’t worry though you can really join all three for free and use them. Only upgrade if you can afford to.

If you are interested in learning more about Swom sign up for free.


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