Making Money Out Of Thin Air!

I hate network marketing, I mean really who wants to go to meeting and convince their friends and family to get involved with a business that could potentially free them from  financial prison?

I always liked the idea of making residual income while I was off doing other things. The only problem I really didn’t know enough people to actually see my dream a reality. This posed a serious problem for me because I really didn’t want to beg people to join my network marketing business, come to think of it I don’t even like network marketing.  I take that back , I like network marketing just not in the traditional sense of what network marketing is.

ENTER THE INTERNET! I will be the first to admit it, I love internet marketing I love the idea that I can create a full time income from the comfort of my home. Like most folks I Started buying into what the so called guru’s where telling me. I bought everything and everything led back to the same place. I was making these guru’s rich with my hard earned income while they where gladly taking my money.

Now I still buy products from these internet marketing rock stars, but I am much wiser today than I was when I first got involved with this industry. You really have to 3 options when it comes to making money on the internet.

1) Create a product and sell it retail

2) Sell other peoples products for 1 time commissions

3) create residual income online by joining some type of network marketing business model.

Option 1 although its really the way to go, in the home business industry its not the place to start most people just don’t have enough experience or a good enough story to sell their own info products.. At least not when they are first starting out.

Option 2 is a great idea as part of a funneling system that will ultimately lead to more sales and more money in your pocket. Option 3 this is the best option for most people just starting out. The advantage is you have the ability to plug into proven marketing systems and you have the experience of your sponsor to help guide you while you are setting up your business. I am often asked , what do I sell? My reply usually is “I sell air”!  This usually gets a laugh or two but most people understand that although I market real products, I am just an affiliate marketer same as them.

The only difference is I realize I am only selling air and I don’t focus my marketing on the products, rather I teach people how to go after a targeted market.  It is very easy to make money in this industry when you know 2 things.

1. What people are looking for.

2. And being in a position to show them how to get it.

It doesn’t have to really get more complicated than that. While it is true that there are many technical skills to learn for the most part if you know what people want and you know how to give it to them your business will be successful. We are in the business of selling ourselves as authority figures in our industry. A huge mistake I see many wanna be marketers making, They are selling their products and compensation plans like any of that really matters to a persons success on the internet. Heck,  I am selling air for goodness sake and people are banging down my doors…

The truth is I may get some sign ups because of this blog, but most of my traffic comes from other sources I could in theory do away with this blog and still draw a ton of people into my business, the reason is because I bring multiple streams of traffic to my lead capture pages.. NOT my blog.  Most folks see this blog after they are already subscribed to my list. Just recently has search engine optimization started playing a role in my business.

I want to stress this point one last time, We are living in the age of the internet, people coming online don’t care about potions, lotions, vacations or any product line for that matter, the majority of people who will join your business care about 1 thing and 1 thing only. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!! Yes i can justify and show the value in all the programs I market, but most people don’t care about that, most people just want to know how they are going to get paid..

So instead of fight the current I decided to go with the FLOW! Just so you know if you took away everything my knowledge on how to build websites and my list and just let me keep my knowledge of how to get targeted traffic, I could start from zero and work my way up again very quickly. I am pretty sure I can take any business and have it the profit zone within 3 days, maybe faster if I really worked it. I hear so many horror stories of people not making money and trying for years, YIKES! I was one of those stories..  I know the only reason people are failing is because they have yet to find the information that will make a difference.

OR they got the information and are to darn lazy to actually do something with it. Either way Network Marketing online is awesome. I get to make new friends watch my bank account grow and help people all at the same time. I hear everyone crying about recession, I wouldn’t know because I am immune to the economy my business will always flourish because people will always want more… It is such a strong emotion that people will just about believe anything in the hopes that it will help them out of their personal mess…

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