Quick Review Of The Canon Rebel T4i For Newbies

Canon Rebel T4i – A Review For The Rest Of Us

I am far from a photographer or videographer, however I do have a need to have some equipment. I started to realize that my Iphone and old HD Canon  Vixia just wasn’t cutting it for my needs. The Iphone 5 takes awesome pictures, however I found myself is situations where the phone just didn’t work the way I wanted it to. For example, focusing close up is a real pain in the butt also the zoom feature isn’t that great. My old camcorder only recorded in 3. something megapixels. While it looks decent, I could tell when uploading it that I was loosing lots of quality.

After discussing it with a friend of mine I decided to go with the Canon Rebel T4i. Now I can kill two birds with 1 stone…

Canon Rebel T4i – Is It Good For The Clueless?

I will be the first to admit that I have no idea how to use this camera or any camera for that matter. It has lots of buttons and gizmos that do all sorts of things. The only thing I want to do is point and shoot. It took me about an hour to figure out how to take a picture, switch out lenses and shoot a video.  Here is photo I took from my back yard.


Making Videos With The Canon Rebel T4i

I did shoot a video real fast just to see. I will mention that the auto focus is indeed tricky to work with. I was shooting the video in low light and at the time of the recording I didn’t realize that my fan was in the shot.

In my defense it was the first video I shot with the camera and I really don’t know how to use the equipment yet. I just pulled it out of the box and started pushing buttons 🙂

Rebel T4i Wrap Up

My final verdict is the Rebel T4i is perfect for a newbie, Connecting the camera to my computer to get my content was a breeze. The picture, video and sound quality is acceptable. If your looking for an affordable solution I recommend getting this camera…

The Dark Side:

Auto – focus is cool but isn’t great. You need to be extra accessories if you want to be able to stop/start your video remotely.  For those of you who want to do video you can only do about 22 to 30 minute video shots at a time.  I found a video online with a person that found a solution to the auto focus issue.

Here’s a cool T4i hack. One of the best things about the new Canon EOS Rebel T4i (650D) is that it can auto-focus in video mode. However, when you use this mode, sometimes the auto-focus wanders around and becomes distracting. So… a lot of people turn it off.

I hope you enjoyed this quick mini – review on the Canon Rebel T4i.



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