90 Day Vlog Challenge | Are You Addicted To Stress?

90 Day Vlog Challenge | Stress Is The New Crack

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I know that is a bold statement… Stress is the new crack. So many people are stressed out, it has become a lifestyle. They don’t even realize they are addicted to stress. I know what you are thinking…

Who on Earth wants to be addicted to stress?

Definitely not me! However, like I discovered after listening to Dr. Sara Gottfried. I was indeed addicted to stress. Not because I wanted to, it was because my body got use to my cortisol levels being on high. I knew that was happening, but what I did not know was… That my body was becoming addicted to that. Not cool, to say the very least!

If you find yourself continually having drama or reasons to be stressed out though you really don’t want to be in those situations… Then, it’s more than likely because subconsciously you are addicted to the stress and therefor find ways to subconsciously raise your cortisol levels.


If you find that no matter how well you eat and how well you exercise, that the weight is just not budging or barely… It’s probably because your cortisol levels are through the roof because of stress.

If you find no matter how long you sleep, no matter what you take… You are still tired and have mental fog… Yup, you guessed it your hormones are out of whack!

It’s time to reclaim your life, to become addicted to happy hormones. There is a cure, you can choose today to start the healing process.

Watch this video now to learn more about being addicted to stress and what to do about it:

I know I was originally worried that I might be stuck in this vicious cycle too. Thankfully there are many ways to kill our addiction to stress.

Like I said in the video, you need to get your body wanting and craving the happy hormones. Rewatch the video, if you missed how to do that. For more information on curing this problem, check out Dr. Sara Gottfried’s book here called ‘The Hormone Cure’.


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