Vlog Challenge | Every Inch Fought For Is Hard Earned But…

Vlog Challenge | Claiming Victory Over Defeat

[contextly_sidebar id=”0dca755ec859b0f5dadcd2061c22083b”]I admit it was a struggle to get to a point where I was happy with my progress in internet network marketing. Doing this vlog challenge has been very therapeutic for me as I am discovering stuff about me that was buried inside my mind.

I suppose because of how busy we all are we can forget the things we did to get to where we are today. How far back in your life can you remember? Personally I can remember back to around age 5 and I am 38 years old.

For years you are struggling to get to the next level. Life can definitely throw you curve balls at time. It’s how we deal with these situations that define who we are. Each and every last one of you visiting my blog is in someway working on manipulating the internet to financial freedom.

I know this is true because I set this blog up to reach out to you. My vision for this blog was to create a place where you can come and identify with and be inspired by the stories shared on this blog.

I have been through a lot on this blog. Dealing with google and all their algorithm changes etc… I’ve had tens upon tens of thousands of visitors to my little space on the web. I have made life long friends via internet network marketing.


 Vlog Challenge | Being On The Other Side Of Defeat

Going back to 2002 I never thought I would make head or tails of all this internet network marketing stuff. For a time there I starting thinking I was crazy believing an uneducated person like myself could learn how to be an expert online marketer.

…I am so glad,

that I decided to stick it out….

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