Vlog Challenge | A Visual Look At StudioChromaKeyer – Pinnacle Studio 16

Vlog Challenge Video | Don’t Fuss Over Being Perfect

In this video I am using my green screen. I use Pinnacle Studio 16 as my choice editing software. I suppose I could use Adobe’s editing software, but I am more comfortable using Pinnacle. I think it’s an easier software to learn.


I have been playing with the StudioChromaKeyer this is what I ended up making.

Vlog Challenge | Spending To Much Time Looking For Perfection

Are you trying to do everything perfectly? How much time are you spending on your quest for perfection?


I know that the video I created using the ¬†StudioChromaKeyer isn’t perfect. I wasn’t going for perfection, I just wanted to play with my software and see whats possible. I believe spending to much time worrying about what other people think is a waste of time. The reason I say that is because you simply can’t make everyone happy.

So I recommend not worrying about what other people think. Don’t sweat if what you are doing is perfect. Just do and let the pieces fall where they may……

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