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In many ways blogging is like fishing…

Knowing where the good fishing holes are and what bait you use is very important. Don’t be lured into writing what you think your reader wants to hear.. If you do that, you may end up catching the wrong fish.  I see lots of new bloggers out there talk about how much money a person can make. The problem is they themselves are not making money yet. So there words sound hollow.

It comes through your writing,

It’s okay to just write what’s on your mind.  However keep in mind you will attract to you people based on the words you say. So if your a negative person and all your writing has a negative feel to it, you will only attract negative people to you.

If your going to blog — Blog with passion. If your blogging and your not enjoying the journey, you haven’t found your passion yet. If you sit back for a moment and think… What is it that you like to talk about all the time?

To take this further...

Do an experiment: Take the next 20 days and just write whatever you want to write about. Make sure your blog is hooked up to Google Analytics. See what keywords emerge.  knowing this information you can start getting a picture of who you are attracting to your blog.

While there are many different ways to get leads for your business opportunity, none of them are as good as a lead that you get from your blog.  The best person for your business is someone who identifies with you. The best way to reprogram your thinking is through growing. Listening to audios, watching educational video’s these are things that can help you reprogram your thinking.

Always remember!

Garbage In Garbage Out!!

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