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Here Are Some Blog Ideas For You


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I hear it all the time…

…What do I blog about?

Blogging in several blogs regularly I can understand the need for new blog ideas. Instead of reading a bunch of post and coming up with a list I thought I would try my hand at being original and come up with a fresh perspective.

It took me awhile to workout a system that keeps coming up with new content like a well oiled machine.  I recommend that you write about things that you already know about. I know sounds logical right? The problem is people get tunnel vision.  To give you more freedom in your writing you should plan on writing several different types of post.

4 Blog post Types That Work Together

The Money Post  These type of blog post are pretty straight forward.  You really wanna put your best foot forward on these post. You won’t get to many comments on these types of post simply because it’s a pure promotional post. When writing these types of post be sure to tell your  reader exactly what you want them to do.Which is to take action and buy whatever it is your selling. You can do review post of products or you can do what I do which is to promote the internet network marketing business I am involved with.

The Niche Blog Post  I am not talking about one of those blogs where you buy private label rights articles and put them on a blog.  The type of post I am talking about  are on subjects you already know a lot about.

(It’s easy to write when you write about something you are into.)

How To? Post I am sure if you think about it, there are things you know how to do.  If your blogging I am sure you have figured out how to do all sorts of things. You can talk about what you learned, you can even get fancy and take screen shots.

My Story Post These post tend to be the hardest to write because they require you to expose yourself to the world a little bit. A good story though will make you a fortune regardless of what your selling.  The important thing about telling your story is you just need to be your real YOU.

Depending on what you do, I am guessing something to do with home business, network marketing, internet network marketing, work from home or something of that nature.

You can actually use all those post types together to tell your story in a way that you will attract exactly the right person for you and your business. It’s actually easier for you to write once you connect your entire life together.

Take some time today and think about the different blog post types that I mentioned. Think about what you are selling and ultimately what you want the person reading to do.




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