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Another  How To Comment Post



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I wasn’t going to do another do this don’t do that to get a comment post. Though I do understand that as time goes by I get new readers and more people wanting to get link juice etc.. I actually don’t mind giving people juice even though many of the pages they are promoting are just lame advertisements.

What is starting to get under my skin is the lack of consideration when leaving a comment.  There is a right way and a wrong way to leave a comment.

I did this blog post that talks about commenting 2 years ago.. Much of that info still applies today

Why Your Comment isn’t approved

Getting Your Comments Seen On This Blog

Since I am lazy by nature I am not going back to strip away comments that offer no value. But from this day forth Any comment that doesn’t in someway engage what is written in the post I am not giving away any links…


If I see a guys name next to a womans face, assume you will never get a comment on this blog.

If I see a generic comment that no way has anything to do with what I actually wrote –> Assume you are getting no air time

Offer Value Or Move Along

I will continue to use this blog the way I always used this blog, to provide value to those who are looking to earn money via online marketing.  I appreciate those of you who come by regularly and add value to my blog.

I can identify you because you have been kind enough to attach a face to the name. I know some of you have been coming here for years and again I truly appreciate you.  Then there are those of you who I just nod my head in disappointment because you have also been visiting me a while and clearly you have not listened to one thing I said.

All your interested in is getting your back link and maybe a drip of traffic.. ( You know who you are –> And I bet your not making very much money online.  It’s because what you are doing and how you are doing it doesn’t work.

Tip: Commenting is only good when you yourself are providing value in your comment. Your never going to see spillover traffic from a persons blog with lame comments because nobody cares what you are saying… That is also assuming the blogger even lets you have a comment.




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