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I love reading comments, I love giving you link juice but I have a problem. Some of you make it very hard for me to figure out if I should give you link juice. Blog commenting obviously is one of the best ways to get exposure , back-links and most important it establishes a relationship with the blog owner.

I know when you are commenting you more than likely are just looking to get back links and some traffic. Most of you do a really good job of leaving thoughtful comments, that is why sometimes I give you a back-link even though you don’t have a gravatar 🙂

I can’t force you to do anything, but if you want your comments to be see, if you want traffic from those comments you will listen to what I am saying.

How Not To Get Your Comments Approved

While I have touched on this on other post, it is obvious to me that I need to go over this again. Especially because people keep insisting on leaving terrible comments.

1. Comments that go something like this *(Great Post! Keep them coming) is lame at best. As soon as I see someone give me that kind of comment, I reject it instantly.

2. Your still not using gravitar? Are you kidding me? Listen if you can’t do something as simple as upload a picture you definitely aren’t serious about your online marketing business. A 5 yr old could handle uploading a picture to gravitar.

If you haven’t uploaded a picture because your are embarrassed of yourself, you need to focus on building your self-esteem up. NOBODY wants to work with someone who has not guts. Nobody will be beating down your door. Get over your fear.

3. Did you actually read the post? Don’t say something like *(Great video!) because there is a video. What did you like about the video? What didn’t you like about the video? Have an opinion know what I mean.

4. Newsflash! I don’t want to clutter my blog with links going to landing pages that aren’t mine.  I don’t mind giving a person a back link to their blog. What I don’t like doing is giving a back link to someone who is just pushing their lead capture page hoping for some free traffic. Where is the value in that?

I like my readers, I want them to get value from visiting my site, sending people to landing pages isn’t sharing value. If it is your blog, your traffic then you earned the right to share with your readers whatever you like. If however you are visiting someone else’s home respect their crib know what I mean jellybean?


How To Get Your Comments Approved

The secret to getting your comments approved is to really soak in what the author of a blog is saying. When you are leaving comments always think about how you can add value to your comment.  Leaving comments that say something like, *(this is the most amazing article I ever read, I was looking for this information) that isn’t a good comment. If anything it looks like a auto comment. (Real Bloggers Don’t Like Auto Comments –> It’s a cheap lazy trick that doesn’t work)

Here are some helpful tidbits:

  • Respond to other Commentors
  • Be first to comment
  • Be last to comment
  • Divide your thoughts into paragraphs
  • Use your blog url -> not landing page
  • share the bloggers post –>Tell them you are sharing it in the comment
  • Return to follow up on a comment

It doesn’t take much to establish communication with a blog owner.  You would be surprised how a well placed comments on a dozen or so high traffic blogs can bring you visitors to your blog.

What’s this you say you don’t have a blog? –> Well you need to set up one ASAP!

The reason for this post was because I just went through 95 comments that were totally worthless and will never see the light of day. So to wrap this up…

I want to give your comments love but you need to provide me with a good reason to give you love. I love blogs, when you want to get link juice to your blog from me. Don’t try to put a link on my site with 5 blog post or less. At least take the time and put some quality content on your blog.

Please use gravatar, besides myself I am sure my readers would like to see who you are. Or at least a graphic that represents who you are.  Note: When I visit other blogs I don’t even read comments from people who don’t have a gravatar. I simply by-pass the comment and move on to someone who took the time to upload a pic.

Sadly even though I just said all that I am sure I will get a ton of spam comments!

You always hear people within our community say that 95% of the people fail who come online and try. The reality is that only 5% of the people are really taking the extra time to do the right things in their businesses.  Simply decide to be part of the 5% and do the things they do.. It’s that easy…

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